Friday, March 7, 2008

Danity Kane Welcome To The Dollhouse Sampler

Here is a sample of their album due out on March 18th:

Tracklisting and what we know so far:

1. "Bad Girl" F/ Missy Elliott (Produced by Danja, Written & Vocal Produced by Jim Beanz)
2. "Damaged" (Produced by Stereotypes)
3. "Pretty Boy" (Produced by Danja Written by The Clutch)
4. "Striptease" (Produced by Danja Written & Vocal Produced by Jim Beanz)
5. "Sucka 4 Love"
6. "Secret Place: (Interlude)"
7. "Ecstasy"
8. "2 of You"
9. "Lights Out"
10. "Picture This (Interlude)"
11. "Poetry" (Written & Vocal Produced by Jim Beanz)
12. "Key To My Heart"
13. "Flashback (Interlude)"
14. "Is Anybody Listening"
15. "Ain't Going" (featuring Day26 & Donnie J.)



  1. ew, danja produced bad girl?

  2. lights out sounds like a bad version of britney spears radar secret place:interlude sounds like the best song on there even though it kinda sounds like fantasy. striptease probably 2nd.

  3. This sounds better than their debut LP..Secret Place Interlude sounds like JT??

  4. i liked pretty boy when it was a little faster..

  5. i think somethin wrong with the pitch on this. everybody voice is deeper. even diddy on the intro or it could just be me

    but the album sound pretty good off the snippets even if it is a couple of pitches lower on my speakers

  6. I haven't heard a track I didn't like... definitely, definitely buying this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. haha yes, this is partially slowed down/deeper.

    album's soundin' great

  8. aite what will the final vedict be? danja or the runners?

  9. i think that these are the album mixes, and that the ones that leaked are a little more raw. the vocals are clearer if u listen to pretty boy and stip tease and even bad girl.

  10. the Runners produced Ecstasy, Danja produced Bad Girl.

  11. listen to Dima Bilan's new single "Believing" produced by Timbaland!

  12. the album aint bad, though the streaming on this site makes it sound worser than mike jones!
    it sounds chopped and blooody screwed up!

  13. Jim Beanz did vocal production for ALL the tracks.

    2 Of You was written by Wynter Gordan.

  14. i quite like the interlude's through the album. very justin timberlake...

  15. smth jus went wrong during the upload... it got slowed down + pitch was lowered. the songs don't really sound like this

  16. Is m pokoras album mp3 already out in germany or what? =O


    have u guys seen this? r they talking bout the dutch trance dj in the end of the interview? :)

  18. I just want "Striptease" in full. That joint right there is hot. I'm also wondering who produced "Poetry". If Danja did that then he's a boss and I'm glad he eased off of the synth heavy club numbers.

    I'm surprised the album hasn't leaked yet...

  19. hey ya'll HEAR THIS!! NEW TIMBO?

    it's def not danity kane... it's solo, maybe Christina Millian i dunno
    it samples Jim Beanz from MANEATER and it sounds like something penned by THE CLUTCH and prod by DANJA.. or maybe not
    what do you think?

  20. hey Edd !!! I'm CLAPS,

    This Track is MINE !!!!!
    It's written by The Wonda Twinz

    who riped this ?????

  21. at the beginning, this track was a remix I did for Bob Sinclar, here the first version :

  22. lol timbo produced ashlees little miss obsessive 0.o

  23. sorry claps!! i've no idea who ripped it in the first place but right now the song is all over the internet
    btw that's a great track! who is she?

  24. Thanks Edd !

    Tha Wonda Twinz are songwriters from NY. You can easily find them on myspace .
    We 're shopping this song

  25. J. boogie, you forgot the opening track... which is:

    Welcome To The Dollhouse Feat. Diddy

    Thought I'd let you know. :)

  26. not feeling the three credited Danja tracks. "Pretty Boy" in particular is some rave bullshit

  27. I don't think Danja did Bad Girl, I read it was The Runners or one of those other wack duos that can't even remotely have a sound of their own. Or make good tracks for that matter.

    Timbo did not produce [Wynter Gordon's] Surveillance, it's Dernst 'D'mile' Emile, who also worked on Janet's album with Rodney Jerkins.
    Wynter did write 2 Of You with Taurian 'Adonis' Shropshire. Produced by B-M Cox.

  28. Sucka 4 Love is Written by The Clutch and Produced by Bryan Michael Cox

  29. Danja produced Bad Girl, Pretty Boy and Striptease
    The Clutch wrote on Pretty Boy and Sucka 4 Love
    and the girls wrote on plenty of tracks like Striptease, Picture This [Interlude], Lights Out, Aint Going.

  30. Thanks, I thought Sucka 4 Love might be Clutch but wasn't sure...Hmm too bad about Bad Girl though...I'm gonna listen to it just now...

  31. this album is amazing. i listened it here:


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