Thursday, March 6, 2008

Craig David calls on Danja

In a recent interview global superstar Craig David talks about his new album Trust Me and future collaboration with with Usher, Ne-Yo, and Danja:

**** I know you’ve got a world tour starting in May what can people expect from that?

Craig David: It’s gonna be the fourth world tour for me, but it’s gonna be exciting because I’m trying to concentrate this tour on the ‘Trust Me’ album in it’s entirety rather than me doing a load of songs but we got a good package, we are releasing the album just after April in America so it’s all tying together with the release over there so it should be a good look. What else have you got instore for 2008?

Craig David: While I was in Miami I was working with a guy called Danja he’s the guy behind all those big Timbaland tracks so that’s a good look we’re building a good relationship so I can go over there and do some stuff with him, I’m gonna get finished with some duets and collaborations I was gonna do with Usher and Ne-Yo so I’m excited about that and I’m thinking about new records and new sounds but it’s funny cos I’m only on the second single but I’m always trying to stay ahead of the game.****

So when will we get to hear what the 2 cooked up in the lab especailly since David's album came out less than 6 months ago? Maybe a first time Danja Remix in awhile? Let's wait and see. You can check out Craig David's new single "6 of 1 Thing" at his


  1. Craig had a few good remixes done with DJ Premier years ago, so let's hope it's another successful Collaboration.
    His songs have always been good once they've had a bit of Hip-hop/RnB remixed into them.

  2. "the guy behind all those big Timbaland tracks"

  3. I like how he said a guy called Danja,dude is more popular than you are, and the clincher the man behind those timbaland tracks are you serious craig do your research.

  4. cool i like craig david

  5. If it was a remix it would be the 2nd Danja Remix J. Jeannie Ortega - So Done (Danjahandz Remix)

  6. Mac you need to be my editor sheesh I'm slippin'

  7. danja aint popular. no1 in europe and asia know who teh hell is danja unless u follow timblaand to death.

    PLus craigs album has already been out here in london and there is no danja tracks on it period


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