Friday, March 21, 2008

MTV Leaks Day26

You can hear the entire Day26 album on MTV's The Leak:

I'm The Reason
Got Me Going (written and vocal production Jim Beanz)
In My Bed
Silly Love
Come With Me
Co-Star (vocal production Jim Beanz)
Come In (vocal production Jim Beanz)
Are We In This Together
What It Feels Like
Since You Been Gone
If It Wasn't For You
Don't Fight The Feeling
Just Should've Told You (vocal production Jim Beanz)
Ain't Going F/ Danity Kane


  1. why can't i play the songs? tracks don't react when i click the play button...need help

  2. jup, same with me..

  3. i'm a huge danja fan but i dont really like what he brought to the table on this record.

  4. Danja? What'd Danja do on this record?

  5. He did "In My Bed"

  6. Guess not. Praise the Lord for that. I think it was this site which initially posted that he did it. They changed it.

  7. Yeah you guys are right, The Chronicles did have "In My Bed" as a Danja production but after doing more research it may not be Danja after all (my bet is no). So until it's shown that he really did produce it, we won't post it yet.

    Thanks for the comments and keeping us on point!

  8. Composer Notes for In My Bed:
    Nathaniel Hills, Shannon Jones, Michael "Lo" Jones

  9. The "In My Bed" sounds are definitely Danja sounds. Many have been used in his past productions.

  10. That has to be Danja


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