Monday, March 24, 2008

Justin Timberlake in Keyboard Magazine

For all you beatmakers, producers, and especially all the piano/keys players in the world this post is for you. Justin Timberlake, keyboardist Charles Wilson III, and JT's musical director for his global tour, Kevin Antunes, break down all the incredible sounds, patches, samples and the instruments and software they got them from in this extensive interview with Keyboard Magazine that is well worth the read:

****Stephen Fortner: So do you duplicate the sounds from the record exactly? Same keyboards, same patches, same samples?

Justin Timberlake: The thing is, when you’re playing arenas, the sound’s swirled around and mashed together by the room itself. So you have to think, is the patch gonna cut through and give people the experience they remember from the record? Kevin’s so amazing at making sure this happens. Before we started rehearsals for this tour, I asked [producer] Timbaland, “Give me the sounds so I can get ’em to Kevin,” then Kevin re-programmed those sounds into his rig and Charles’ rig. Everything has to start out as close to the record as possible, then we ask ourselves what we can add to what the fan’s ear already knows as the song. What can we add to give it more —balls, basically. That’s where the “V-Screamer” patch came in on “LoveStoned.” I thought, “This guitar sound on the V-Synth cuts through, and it cuts through in an arena.”****

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  1. good shit keyboard magazine is dope. isnt this the april issue? gotta pick it up

  2. nevermind it says january

  3. Danja did his thing on it too.

  4. I'm not really feeling the way Justin was referring to Timbo. Timbaland was alot more than a Hip Hop producer way before he ever met JT.

  5. huh? thats what he was saying..

    JT was saying the only R&B he really did was Aaliyah (obviously completely disregarding ginuwine lol)


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