Friday, March 28, 2008

Chris Cornell & Timbaland Interview

And now in the biggest news of the day, actually the biggest Timbaland news this year: Chris Cornell & Timbaland called in and talked with Ryan Seacrest about their work together, take a listen:

Tim & Chris Cornell Interview

The best work of his career?!? 20 songs? The first rock star in a club? Everybody's favorite album of this year? These are HUGE statements coming from Tim especially when you think about all of the artists he's worked with Missy, Aaliyah, Justin, Nelly, etc but if the greatest producer in the world says it's his best work he's ever done then naturally we want to hear it!

So it is official that Cornell is with MMG and if the album is already in the mixing stages we can only hope we get to hear new material from this project real soon. As always, we'll keep you updated. Props to Will on the find.


  1. This album is going to be awesome!

  2. Jay-Z- Aint I - NO DJ/DIRTY/High Quality

  3. I'm excited if Tim says it's his best work!

  4. Whoa bold statements, I'm really looking forward to it

  5. Awesome. I'll be looking forward to it.

    Anonymous, thanks for the "Ain't I" link.

  6. ft Christina Aguilera & Gwen Stefani - Meltdown
    ft Gwen Stefani - Music
    ft Sean Paul & Keri Hilson - Press Down
    ft Busta Rhymes & Dr. Dre - Click Clack
    ft Justin Timberlake & Young Jeezy - This Girl
    ft Keri Hilson - Why U Still Calling?
    ft Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - That's The Way
    ft Usher & Trey Songz - Circle
    ft Akon, T-Pain & Flo-Rida - What Can I Say
    ft Rick Ross & Ludacris - Keep It Real
    ft Ashley Tisdale - Get It, Got It
    ft Chris Brown - Put It In Your Face
    ft Madonna - La La
    ft Nicole Scherzinger - I Run
    ft Hilary Duff - Tell Me

    Tracklist for tims Shock value 2!

  7. ^lol he just started to work on it how can their be a tracklist lol

  8. You r lafin. They feed you what they want you to believe. Wait a while and compare this list to the so called official one. I always get shit exclusively. Im dat nyce!

  9. ^^^^
    when the fuk r we gonna hear crowd control?????

  10. Timbaland, Chris!

    I can't wait!

    Timbaland has changed... he is very thankful now... he used to be just like "yeah..."

    God Bless!

  11. He says that it's his best work for every artist he works with.

  12. thats true^^

    he only says that to get attention and sell more and more and more! money over everything!

  13. if he feels like it is his best work at that time, then that is his opinion. He can't tell the future and be like "ohh... JT... Chris Cornell's album is gonna be the best work I've ever done in the next couple of years".

  14. Just like everyone else he is entitled to an opinion Tim i think loves to do entire projects. Artists need to get back to that even Primo,Seven,alot of producers who either liked or didn't like FS/LS admired the chemistry Tim,Danja,JT and whom ever else helped out with the project.JT didn't ask for every hot producer he worked with a few.


    full version of Gravy Train by Playa

  16. Last time he said something like that was when "Deliverance" came out. I'm getting excited...

  17. I think this album is gonna kick a**!! Chris is an artist that constantly challenges himself to create new realms of music. Always evolving , never dissapointing!
    Cant wait to hear this album!!


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