Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Interview with Keri Hilson

Dubbcnn.com recently sat down with Keri Hilson to talk about her new album, who's on production duties, and creating her "defining" sound. Check it out:

****Dubcnn: It has to be hard to be a writer, because most people never find out who actually wrote the songs unless they're credit readers like myself. I know Ne-Yo was in the same situation too. Do you feel that writer's don't get the recognition they deserve?

Keri: Definitely. Right now the industry is so producer driven, so I feel like that. Writers do feel like that at certain points in their career, where they've written a song and the artist will stand on stage and thank the producer. And it's like "Well, I did 50% of the work, they did 50% of the work, we should get equal recognition, we're getting equal publishing!" At time, you feel like that. But I guess it's just the way the game goes. When you get a publicist, you have options to spread the word, you can still choose. That's part of why I joined the writing team The Clutch, actually I was part of the forming, founding member of the Clutch. That was our aim, to earn the respect that producers have, for songwriters.

Dubcnn: I'd like to ask you about the song "The Way I Are", how did that song get put together?

Keri: This was one of the many songs that we wrote for Timbaland's album. We did it in Virginia at the Thomas Crown Studio, that's Tim's studio. As soon as I heard it and Tim started the idea "I ain't got no money..." Soon as I heard his verse idea and mumbles, I just came up with my part. Part of the Clutch was there, myself, Balewa, Candice. Candice wrote Tim's verses, Balewa wrote Tim's part of the hook, I wrote all of my parts. We banged it out, we did it! It was a very quick write, which makes me realize you don't have to overthink records, just go with what you feel.

Dubcnn: Did you expect that song to become as big as it became?

Keri: Oh not at all! Not when we were doing it! You know when a song feels to you, but you don't know how the world will react. That's a scary thing about putting together an album, and I think a lot of people before their first album especially, are so shell shocked, or before any album, it's kind of like a period of time where you're like "I don't know if the world is on what I'm on right now, but it feels good to me." It was one of those records. It had the Salt-N-Peppa sample so I was like "Aight this should help it catch on, it's a catchy song!"****

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Also be sure to check out Keri as Usher's love interest in his upcoming video for the #1 hit "Love In The Club." Good look to Big A on the info.


  1. Can't wait to see her in the video i bet she will look good.

  2. man, i need to hear "return the favor" asap.


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