Friday, March 21, 2008

Artist update: Shaunta

It was 1997, and after the success of Aaliyah and Ginuwine's albums, the name Timbaland was starting to spread. The time had now come to show the world what he was capable of, so Tim along with good friend Magoo released their debut album Welcome to Our World. With it's off kilter beats, context Vs. content beats, and hyper visual videos, the masses continued to embrace this new, warped path of sound Timbaland had created. One such video that stood out was the one for "Luv 2 Luv Ya" Remix. The entire Tim family was there including someone we had never met before but we would always remember: Shaunta.

There she was in her black leather outfit, red glasses, spittin' nothing but heat but it wasn't until later in the video as she floated down the hallway that the lyrical fire we all still remember came to be:

See I don't stop like good dick
Skypager's hotness when you need a fix
Big girls don't cry we take all of it
Doggystyle like George and the Parliament
Feel me now, see my lovin got you bedstrucken
Head is stuck in, the pillowcase suckin, Shaunte still handcuffin
Just me and you cause I'ma rock it all night
You can go fast or slow
but I'ma tell you when it's good and right, uh-huh

Soon after her guest appearance, Shaunta signed with Atlantic Records. She appeared on the Dr Doolittle soundtrack as well as the Best of Brandy album but when you're an MC far ahead of your time both lyrically and creatively it's tough to get a label to understand your direction. Such was the case with Shaunta, and she and Atlantic parted ways in 2000. Continuing on her grind however, Shaunta soon ran into Dr. Dre. After he heard what she had to offer, Dre immediately signed her to his own Aftermath Records and Shaunta was featured on the The Wash and 8 Mile soundtracks. Continually looking forward, Shaunta took her fate into her own hands and started her own label Victory Musiq in 2004. With a roster of up and coming artists including herself, Da Gents, and others, Shaunta is looking to let the world know she's still the same woman with "big lips and handlebars."

Be sure to check out Shaunta's myspace for new music, news, and the daily thoughts of this talented and hungry-as-ever MC.


  1. i just went to her myspace page and I didn't see not one mention of her days with tim and the fam.... kind of interesting

  2. by tim affiliated i didnt know we meant, someone that did his dishes one time 10 years ago.

  3. your right, i missed a whole 2 paragraphs...previous statement retracted... :)

  4. probably a bad idea that she went to aftermath where everyone sits on the shelf for a while before leaving...

  5. i wouldnt even download her cd or accepted it if she handed it too me...she has too be almost 40 by career by now maybe she should diss missy or something


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