Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Sebastian: "My Luv" & "Sell Units"

Straight from Sebastian himself:

"Ok as i promise i will bring you guys some new songs or snippets rather :(((( so here we go:

First song is titled "My Luv" is basically a song that is a TV show about different variety of girls....So when you think of this song think of like old TV shows like Threes Company, Facts Of Life, Good Times, Fresh Prince, Martin, Cheers, Different Strokes even Golden Girls (i know i'm showing my age right now lol) etc...... (LMAO) for a video.....

Second song is titled "Sell Units" and this song is self explanatory. And i want to apologize to all the Michael Jackson fans ahead of time about that comment at the end....I love MJ i still wear the white glitter glove :)

And last but not least i'm so sorry about giving you guys the dirty version of these songs. So if you are 16 and under please have your parents supervision. :(

I hope you enjoy

Take Care

Check out the new tracks on Sebastian's myspace.


  1. they're nice, but i think he's going to see something a bit more impressive to put him over the line and get him some good attention

  2. Very unimpressed...

  3. sebastian your brother is the best producer in the world ask him to help you out. you need his help to be famous

  4. away from the point.......... Danity Kane's album is hot as hell, and danja did his part...... the tracks are crazy........ i can't wait for the HQ version shit to drop. Bad Girl is nice, and Missy did well on it.

  5. O and i was rite... the album sampler was right with the tempo/pitch... that is the final version. Its hottt.




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