Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Word Is: Simon Cowell Vs......Ryan Tedder?

When I first read about this story I thought there was no way it was true and even now after multiple media outlets have reported on it I'm still skeptical. Yet there always seems to be some kind of controversy involving a Beyoncé album.

So word is Simon Cowell, creator and judge of the X Factor and American Idol, is pissed off at Ryan Tedder of all people because Ryan gave the track "Halo" to Beyonce rather that who it was intended to go to, UK pop star Leona Lewis. After the success of "Bleeding Love", Cowell wanted to use Tedder again for Leona Lewis' 2nd album. They agreed that the track "Halo" would be on this 2nd album but Lewis' schedule became too tight so apparently Ryan gave it to Beyonce because he didn't want to hold on to it anymore.

Does this story make sense to you?

Do you smell something? I do and I'm not looking to track it in the house.


  1. What are you talking about, J Boogie? What do you mean by all this? Apparently i'm oblivious to what you are getting at here.

    The case is if Leona Lewis was to get this track from the start the track should of been sold to her, it was in Ryan's possession until someone BOUGHT the track, whats the problem with that? Cowell and his label should've bought the track when they heard it.

  2. No offense Josh, I'm just sayin...i'm confused as to how you are perceiving this...

  3. Leona actually said on radio yesterday that yes she was offered it but declined it. It's not what she wants to do for her next album where she's going for a more live/soul direction.

    Beyonce does it justice anyway.

  4. Apparently the song was put on offer to her for a considerable amount of time, and Ryan Tedder didn't want to wait around for her to decide when she was going to work on it, if she was even going to work on it at all. I really don't see what the big deal is here, but then again I can't stand either of the two singers anyway, so take it or leave it.


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