Saturday, November 8, 2008

Britney Spears "Kill The Lights"

We gave the news exclusively on The Chronicles and now we have the track. Here is:

Britney Spears "Kill The Lights" (produced by Danja)

And the writing and vocals? That's Jim Beanz of course. Check around minute 2:50 for the signature Jim Beanz choral breakdown. Though we reported that Candice Nelson of The Clutch was also a writer on the track, she is not rather Luke Boyd is an additional writer.

Your thoughts on the track? Better that "Gimmie More"?


  1. Gimme More had way more hype behind it than any track on this CD will.

    this song fits the bill, but I'd have to call it a slight disappointment. the song is like flat soda. like Missy Elliott's Best, Best. it failed to catch me from the beginning. You could say it's a less drastic "Tell 'Em I Said That" to "No Matter What" transformation in that the Danja songs on Britney's Blackout album all outdo Kill the Lights.

    also, the synths aren't as prominent a feature in this song as they were in previous Britney songs. interesting how he's been moving toward making the drums sound more interesting

    but, every producer has to make advancements in some direction. look at Midi Mafia, for example... at least they got better, though.

  2. Crazy fucking track!

    This is better than Gimme More... because this isn't expected.

    My only smear with this...

    WHO THE ELL MIXED THIS????????????

    Man so many synths in this could of been more prominent.

    This beat is lacking sonic spirit.

    The drums are weak. And some element in the hook is a little muddy.

    Overall, this is good, and will make a great single, and also a great video.

    Clutch is awesome when they care about the record.

    I would like to work with them.


  3. I actually don't mind the mix. I'm a big fan of the bombastic spaciousness of the chorus. And I am LOVING this song. Pretty much had it on repeat since last night.

  4. i think this is beautiful, and wen the ccdq drops, alot of speculation about the song will end...... this song is a banger, and it shows how much chemistry danja and britney have together.

  5. I dislike how the mix didn't take advantage of the synths and kicks sonics.

    I do love this song, beat, and the eeriness of the chorus, plus all the subtle things going on in the back.


  6. I like the vocal production britney actually sounds like she can sing. As for the song I think it is all over the place I wanted to hear some more danja and the clutch bangers the clutch did the damn thing on the last album.

    I think I prefer gimme more had a more RNB vibe.

  7. I officially love this song now.

    Its all about being new and different. This delivers it.

    While the beat isn't really "RnB" and more on the Pop side, her voice adds a type of soul and warmth. Great mix.

    This will top the charts.

  8. It also didn't really catch me from the beginning first. Simply cause all the hot sounds start to drop later on. Definetely a hotter hook than "Gimme More", overall I prefer this one. Real good vocal production too, big ups 2 Jim Beanz. That choir breakdown is dope.

  9. LOOOOOOVE ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!
    not as good as Gimme More...
    thats a CLASSIC!
    but if Gimme More was a 10 then Kill the Lights would be a 9.5

    btw is that danja in the beginning???
    it dosent sound like him....

  10. Man... this is classic...

    Those choirs...

    I love how Danja through that "start off" note on the left of the choir before the choir full hook drops, listen to it... you can hear her say "ooooohhh" before all the other choir comes on.


    I like that it doesn't catch you in the beginning... but once that hook drops... its like a bear trap... you ain't leaving...

  11. for some reason im not wanting to bounce to it its too...bland its like way...idk its not great its alright

  12. pretty slack .. i could do better..gimme a million dollar studio and 1 day!

  13. You need that much to do better? lolzmofo

  14. 4/10

    i think the fake that surfaced was ten times better (

    i'm curious as to if this is just another danja track or somebody imitating, but it's hot regardless

  15. How would it sound like a imitation? Seriously... what sounds so "Danja-ish" about this that you would only expect from Danja?

  16. Danja always shows growth as a producer without having to take long breaks inbetween.... that is what amazes me so much about him.... its been hell of a long run for him in terms of consistency. Sadly, he hasn't been able to break through with hits, but that's not his fault. I hope his luck changes soon though becuz he deserves it.

  17. the chord progressions and overall vibe of the song fit the rest of danja's discography a lot better than the real thing here, in my opinion. this is boring.


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