Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bobby Valentino "Pull It Off" produced by...

Here's another track that's been around for a few months (the snippet that is) labeled as a Timbaland beat but again there's been no way to confirm it. Take a listen to the full that just dropped:

You know this is The Chronicles though so we gotta go that extra mile for you. Is the track produced by Timbaland? Yes along with some help from the Royal Court just like the other Bobby Valentino/Royal Court/Timbaland tracks "Anonymous" and "Rearview (Ridin')."

and the writers you ask? Of course it has to be the one and only Clutch!

Check the hand clap sample. I'm pretty sure I know where it comes from. Do you?


  1. I know that loop is on a library extension disc for Stylus RMX. I've passed it over a few times before, but first noticed it in Vanessa Hudgens' "Lose Your Love" and now this.

  2. Handclap sample was used for that song "Maria" by The Relativez.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Infra Red: hell naw thats not Tim...

  5. @Toosy666 your right...Its on one of those vsts! I knew I heard it a couple of times aswell. Oh... I dont think this is Timbo's work either... I'm not really feeling this as much!

  6. reminds me of usher "what happens here stays here"... so garbage the first time you listen to it.

    maybe i'll like it later on

  7. Should have never gone independant (Bobby V). He doesnt seem to have a direction for me & seems a lil lazy to be creative.



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