Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chris Cornell & Timbaland San Francisco: A Fan's Perspective

Here's Infra Red Live in San Francisco, CA:

Yeah, I met him [Timbaland] briefly at the show... and uhh... how do I say it... he was kinda mean :o( - I left the show after he opened for Chris just so I could get a chance to meet him out back - there was only ONE person waiting for him when he left the show (me) and he wouldn't take a picture with me

and all this was after I paid crazy money to get a ticket to the sold out show - waited around outside the Verizon wireless in south san fran for like 5 hours only for him to not show up at all... I was the only Tim fan there - everybody else was there for chris cornell - needless to say I walked away disappointed... and broke :o(


  1. Poor kid. I can imagine how frustrating and disappointing it would have been. As for Tim - what a pig, lol. I don't know if he would've reacted the same even before he 'sold out', but he really needs a wake up call. There was only one fan, and the few seconds of one photo would've satisfied them! If anything, now that he's bigger, more is expected of him as a celebrity which he seems try so hard to be.

  2. LOL, thats why i dont get starstruck/excited over these celebrities i dont expect nothing from them cuz they dont put money in my pocket i put money in theirs i'll support them musically but if they are a$$es in person i'll keep my distance. & i'll be damned if i cry over them cuz they dont make me millions.

  3. & dont decide if i live or die.

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  5. fan...and no time for a pic???
    tim needs to fall...and fall hard...
    and yes, i mean what i say...

  6. hahhaha what a groupie :p ... the only way you're gonna get tim to stop for a picture is if ur a movie star. he'll become timbo groupie and beg u to be in a movie.
    pffff. this dude is absolutely arrogant even with big name artists and y'all know that allready. Why the hell would u go out there instead of recordin us some of the songs dumass

    ps. infrared will never be the same again. y'all will notice in the next remix contest

  7. well i met tim in Vegas and he was way cool. His tour bus was off the chain btw. me and him talked real quick about a studio called the village in LA... he was way dope

  8. its pretty clear this kid has sex with men..very clear

  9. Infra Red: Yes... I wanna swallow his babies


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