Monday, November 17, 2008

D.O.E on MTV's Mixtape Monday

The buzz on D.O.E's new mixtape The Death of John Doe: The Rise of D.O.E. continues with MTV sitting down with him to talk about the album.

"I'm letting everybody know it's a new me. It's not John Doe no more. I came in the game, '04, I signed to Timbaland as John Doe. A lot happened. Situation with Interscope didn't go right at first. I fell on my face, couldn't put music out. Went flat broke. It was crazy. Then big homie put me on 'The Way I Are.' We started touring around the world, getting money. I had to let everyone know what it was. People were like, 'Son, what happened to you?' Too many questions. I put it all in one CD for free.

"It [the track "Streets Been Watching"] basically explains how dudes was looking at me sideways. I fell on my face. Dudes was looking at me crazy. I explained everything, how I went from [owning] a Hummer to [riding] the train. Sh-- was deep, D. On 'Bottom of the Barrel,' I talk about my hard times and how it wouldn't stop me. I was gonna get to the top."

If you haven't picked up your copy of D.O.E's mixtape make sure to stop by his
new website and download a free copy. Also make sure to be on the lookout for a new video from D.O.E very soon.

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