Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kevin Cossum "You Know What You Doin'"

Here's a possible track off of KC's Pre Album album coming December 12. The Danja produced "You Know What You Doin'":


Props to Frederick on the track.


  1. the melody gets a bit repetitive and boring

  2. stop putting the u in his shit.

    danja's def switchin up his style to the point i can't really recognize him anymore.

    not a fan of this track but it's not garbage like that new britney joint.

  3. love it!
    cant wait for kc's album!
    they compared it to fs/ls...
    of course there hyping it up but i still wanna hear it...
    link anyone?


  5. Sounds good...culdnt recognise it as Danja's tho..

  6. Ummm I got to say I'm loving the track. When it first came on I knew it was going to be different. I definitely didn't expect what I heard. I'm feeling the song. Kevin Cossum sounds good on this track. Lyrics are good also. Good message. Overall the track is dope.

  7. repetitive but i like it ummm the melody just for a long time that was..not good hmmm its alright danja could do better tho :)

  8. I like the beat but not sure about the vocals and writing. I think that if the clutch wrote to this song they would have made it hot!!! Hope the beats leak.

    He is barely singing man being a singer song writer is really hit and miss and so far I feel so many of danjas beats have not had the impact they need because of the song writing.

  9. This song is very different then what im use to hearing from Kevin. Compatible was crazy hot. this one is mellow but it grows on you. I can hear a little Usher influence.

  10. very fresh. i expect big things from this album after hearing that 'say cheese' track and what danja had to say. this is only the warmup material...


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