Saturday, November 8, 2008

Remix It! Vote Now!

Today's the final day so make sure you VOTE!

The remixes are in place, we have a couple new entries, so now it's time for you to go VOTE for your favorite Keri Hilson "Return The Favor" remixes

Voting will continue until Saturday, November 8th with a winner announced Sunday November 9th. Thanks again to all those who entered. Now go vote!!


  1. Of course kris is gonna clear his cookies and vote a million times for his song even though its not even good lol. But whats the point on cheating and winning when no one think your remix is good but yourself? How will you ever get better lol cocky people like him will never make it.

  2. Really Tripping

  3. First off....I personally can't respect those who used the exact same chords from the original. The point was to remake w/ ur own flavor. "NOT HATIN', JUST STATIN'..."

  4. WTF??? IS alexqd3 serious? I hope he's joking...
    #1: To do that, it would completely degrade me as a producer...
    #2: Those hits are LEGIT...
    #3: If you got some bullshit like that to email is and my AIM name is bryanp29...
    Say that shit to me in person...
    To Venture Bro and dzzlr...THANK YOU for taking the words right out my mouth...
    Dude is trppin...

    Thank you to everyone who voted/votes for me...

    Good luck to everyone.

    Kris Beach

  5. good luck to everyone, great remixes... keep the negativity out of this shit... its better that way!

  6. btw josh... its PeopleLikeMyself ... you spelled my shit wrong lolol.

  7. THANK YOU jamesonfire...

    This is supposed to be fun, not negativity...

  8. Damn it! Sorry James, that shit was NOT on purpose. I fixed one of them but couldn't on the vote column. Sorry...

  9. no worries man.. thank you.

  10. yeah keep all that negativity away

  11. Damn, man lol. Who cares about chords? If it sounds good, then vote for it. Producers are too cotdamn sensitive these days...

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  13. No disrespect to Kris, but adding someone on instant messager ain't exactly "in person".

    and i personally think that if your gonna use the same chord scheme and progression as the original, you gotta bring a different vibe and feel to it, if you gonna keep the same drum pattern and chords and everything, its hard to say its a remix if its virtually the same as the original. i made a womanizer remix the other day cause i loved the chord progressions, but i changed the feel from a poppy drum pattern with one from a drumline and britney sounds gangsta lol.

  14. First lemme say thanks to all who contributed to this contest. I took 30 min time and skipped through all of them. Who's gonna pay me my time??

    Quiet a lot beats are real wack tho - at least to my ear. Step your sound and drum game up! I think the most challenging part in producing something hot over this acapella is to be in tune with the vocals. Majority of the remixes sound real DISSONANT!

    Here my close list of remixes that stick out - in no particular order:

    Pretty Major Remix
    Climax Remix
    JK Remix
    SoulClap Remix
    Michael Khan Remix
    Mona Liisa Remix
    Infra Red Remix
    Hazzad Da Futcha Remix
    YBM Remix
    Rockstarz Remix
    Don E Blaze Remix
    Arkaned Remix
    The Bounce from Skwere Remix
    Rem Remix
    MYZTIKO Remix

    gonna check them carefully later again. They caught my ear for different reasons. They came up with a nice own melody, good vibe and nice ideas, they in tune with the vocals (for the most part),
    simply the remixes have potential to stand on their own. But some more work on those tracks wouldnt hurt tho in some cases. Like a hotter hook that sticks out from the verses and BUILDS, a nice intro and/or hook wouldnt hurt either.

    Well all that doesn't mean now that everybody who will not make the final Top 10 is wack. Your ideas on the beat can be good/ok anyway, but if its not harmonizing with the vocals, its not gonna work and catch peoples feelings...cause that's what music is all about. feelings and emotions. not everybody cares so much about the technical stuff. If it feels good, it feels good. So keep concentrating on that, while you vote. And don't vote for your fucking self, doesn't make sense. Trying to fuck yourself in the ass sounds always stupid and retarded! Well and some tracks are just bit to similar to the original track or are some wannabe Timbo bites.

    And last but not least, I see so many unknown names I never seen here before. Why y'all suckers not writing comments every now and then?? fuck faces...

  15. Wow..Big-A

    Don't hold back or anything...

  16. I do agree with you by also saying that I hope NO ONE is cheating and playing this fair, because it would be rude and very unprofessional to yourself, all the producers, and the ones who put this contest together.

    With that said, good luck to everyone!!!

    There are some great remixes!


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  18. I should of remixed the track and killed this "competition". :P

  19. Infra Red: yeah - I hope so too that no one is cheating and playing unfair, because that REALLY WOULD be rude and very unprofessional - I do find it funny that certain people had 70, 80, 100, 170 votes within MINUTES of J Boogie posting the online poll

    I find it funny that those same people's votes are going up in increments of 5 and 10 every thirty minutes or so...

    I also noticed that some of the BEST remixes have the LEAST votes, because they're probably REAL votes...

    I mean, if y'all wanna play dirty... my local radio station is right around the corner I can go up there and make a cameo on air real quick and END THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW... I'm just sayin... play fair.

  20. i vote for everyone
    joshy give everyone a vote from me
    mizz decemba blu

  21. we shoulda did this by rounds or something... its not really fair cuz nobody's gonna listen to every remix

  22. @ infrared: yeah, I totally agree with you. I'm really wondering why you ain't first place because when you first showed off your Remix everyone said that yours is the best.
    I voted for you because voting for myself is like cheating.

    Something's not going right here. :S

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  24. Infra Red: shit I voted for somebody else too, dude only got two votes but he CLEARLY has one of the best remixes.


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  26. @ xjamesonfire

    yo remix is the first one on the page. and shut yo ass up, wit yo ol hairy ass arms lol and them girls you wit look like some of them midnight stragglers you can find on the corner in philly for $25 an hour. real talk.

    - bksfinest -

  27. im sorry to "!" for the failure of our public education system. i pray for your parents and the sorrow they must feel every single day.

  28. I simply think this "unfairness" is down to the fact that most people wont want to listen to all those tracks as it seems soo time consuming. So naturally people would go through not more than 10 tracks...and theres like over 50 tracks!!!

    It really needs to be narrowed down... X factor/American Idols :)
    Can someone from the blog team please do that! Would make voting a little more reasonable!

    I know my remix isn't the best but the last time I checked I only had like 3 votes :( It really cant be that bad!

  29. thats what im sayin... aint nobody complainin its just kinda pointless...

    im pretty sure there's gonna b one or 2 that wont even get heard at all...

    its like that commercial for

    "if u let everybody play nobody wins..."

  30. i mean, i can understand what you all are saying.. but look at the hit count on this site... everyones is gonna get heard at least once..or if someone chooses to skim through theyll probably listen to the first few seconds or so... so hope that your remix is an attention grabber.. not a grower...the fact is though.. this is an opportunity..not a given right... josh was kind enough to do this.. its not like he had to.. so really all of these gripes and groans kind of take away from the positivity that this was supposed to be about.

  31. I used to do these once a month, than once every 3 months, and now like once a year. There's always the same complaints: people are cheating, people aren't listening to all the remixes, and my remix didn't win. All of which can't be controlled.

    If someone is going to take the time to cheat in a contest with no prize for the winner, so be it. I can't control that. If people don't want to listen to all the remixes so be it, I can't control that either. If someone gets 50 of their friends to vote for their remix and they win and the other guy only has 1 vote again that can't be controlled.

    The purpose of the "contest" is to get exposure for people's music and to build connections. If the guy in Iran can hit up the dude in Germany who hits up the dude in the U.S. then that's what it's all about: making connections through music.

    As far as doing rounds, honestly I don't have the time or energy to spend 3 months going through all the hassles of finding 1 winner. If you think there are a lot of complaints now, there would be 10times more in the round format. I learned many lessons from last year's Remix It! mixtape.

    Again my thanks to all of you for taking time out of your own busy lives and schedules and submitting your remixes. Hopefully we can continue these contests in the future.

  32. This is the first time i participated in one of these, i was kinda hyped, and once the deadline got extended i knew there were gonnabe tons of remixes, so these prollems i could kinda forsee, but j-boog makes a point of what there actually for so im cool wit only gettin 2 votes, that means 2 more people other then me listened to mine and liked it enough to cast that vote against 50others, so i can't be mad at that.

  33. I've been joining this remix contest since it was started and props to J for having this thing. I'm not really bothered about having no votes or not winning cos my aim in joining is to showcase my music and make more friends and network. At the end of the day, everyones a winner here as you can really step up your game.


  34. Josh I just want to thank you for giving us all producers/remixers/arrangers the opportunity to do something like this. Not only does it provide exposure but like you said, it provides us a way to practice our skills, get feedback, discuss ideas and connect with people all over the world on different levels. Beyond all the negativity and who is cheating, who isn't, I want to thank you Josh for just giving us the opportunity to take songs from the greatest producer in the world, and allow us to put our own flavor and feeling into them!! One Love! Great job to everyone who entered

    I Beat 4 Music,
    Christopher J.

  35. J, I wasnt complaining or being negative by the way...just a mere suggestion.

    Anyways, good luck to everyone. Another positive outcome of this is the fact that everyone who partook has their myspace listed!

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  38. nah, man. it's not shock value 2.
    It's the Song "Release" from Shock Value.
    Probably just some kind of Beat change before or after he performed the Track.
    But it sound really crazy.^^

  39. @ThomasCrown
    you some big dumbass, right? yes you are! I am pretty sure I told you already twice not to post anything non-topic-related in the comments. Did I? Yes I did!

  40. big-a, you a member of TTCC crew, right? Talking to a member in that manner isn't such a nice representation.

  41. Who are you talking to me like that?

  42. @Venture Bro
    You not even half-right. I represent ME first! And when I am trippin about some dumbasses who don't get it after the 2nd or 3rd time that they should'nt abuse the comment box, so lemme trip then.
    yes I am talking to you! so obviously you can read, which is a good sign. so now let's hope you can also use your brain in the future. thank you

  43. If that irritate, and erratic behavior represents you, then so be it. :)

  44. the best of this contest is clearly drek from astroboyz, with all the respect for the other, this remix is just amaizing.....and I'm sure if other person didn't clean their cookies, and I hope they gone be controled he should win
    that's what I personnely think !!!!!!

  45. @ Jean

    You must be Drek from the Astroboyz

    lets see who can cheat the hardest! us or zeferiah!

    a couple of hours ago he had ZERO votes now he's got almost 700 votes.

    J Boogie... pls do something about this shit
    I would rather have thethomascrownchronicles staff or the mosley music staff vote on this themselves than this BS that is happening.

    Drek and Zeferiah need to be taught a lesson and both be disqualified.

  46. That some people will cheat that was clear from the beginning. And nobody can do something about such a thing.
    But doing it that obvious as that Zeferia guy is REALLY

    But THANKS for giving us the opportunity for showing our Remixes to all the people coming to this page. :)

  47. Some of you all are pathetic.

    Cheating for a prizeless prize.

    Regardless, everyone still have their opinions on your music.

  48. Infra Red: all this makes me think of that Keyshia Cole song "I should've cheated" LoL

  49. voted for kris beach remix :D wooo!

  50. I have listened to all the tracks and made my choice, some are good but can someone explain to me how in 2 days you get 600 votes it makes the mind boggle "A little cheating going on Zeferiah???" Infact not very smart man, In my opinion Drek was simply the best but there were others better than Zeferiah come on be honest about it I reckon this should be checked out. well done all of you.

  51. Sorry,reasoncali
    I'm not drek, i'd like to be but I'm not as talented.
    I agree with you Zeferiah's results are quite alarming in 2 days having almost 700 votes ??
    wheras Drek's votes have been slowly going up the ladder since the first day...
    I really hope they are gonna check the IP addresses if not why ask the public " us" to vote !!!

  52. "I would rather have thethomascrownchronicles staff or the mosley music staff vote on this themselves than this BS that is happening."

    Right on reasoncali. That's exacly what i Thought. Professional oppinion by somebody with experience in the music industry!.

    Pce Rockstarz

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  54. Well I thought I would be well received @thomas crown, but I clearly see from this blog post that there are a few angry bloggers or should I say producers. If you call cheating directing my fans to this blog to vote on my remix, then I will gladly concede defeat. But I have a email list of over 10,000 people and a Text chain of over 800 people. I waited a few days to see what the amount of traffic was like, and then like Obama grass roots "get out the vote campaign" I put the word out that I had done a remix for keri hilson. Thanks J boog, thanks mona lisa productions, and thanks to all those who voted for me. God bless music

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  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. @ Zef....

    You came out of nowhere bro with 2 days left before the contest was over...2 days...from should've sent out an email the DAY the contest everyone else did...

    You must be a comedian too cause all that shit you said is a joke...

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. What I don't get is you say you have 10,000 email friend list and a text chain of 800, but yet, you only have 27, say it again, 27 friends on your myspace music page...

    I just can't get that math right...

  60. Infra Red: @ Kris - whats his myspace page?

  61. All you gotta do is go to "Find friends" on myspace, and type in Zeferiah...his name will come up

  62. @ Infra Red

    This keeps getting better and better...

    One of Zeferiah's influences is Johnny Depp and his biggest fan is a dude named Big-T and he still only has 27 friends...

    This is just hilarious...if any body feels the same way I do, please speak up

    I do feel very bad for all producers and everyone who worked very hard on them, just to have someone ruin it... He should be ashamed...

    And Drek too...

  63. I feel sorry for all the producers who didn't get the credits they deserve.

    There are so many good remixes, my favorite was from stardust LOVED IT!

    and about zeferiah and drek, well i don't get it why they would cheat.

    And I dont deserve 3th place, but yeah i got a lot of friends who've read my blog and voted

    Thanks everybody

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  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. so first off I think its real corny that you everyone is attacking The WINNER..Internet thugs!! Looking up myspace pics, like a crazy girlfriend. You might as well keep hating, because of everything you guys said about him, I look dude up and he actually has some official records, wit Talib, Seven JA, and others..that not wack..whats wrong with you fools.Kids got skills, but im sure he appreciates the promotion. Yo Z send me new jointz....


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