Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is you is or is you ain't my Danja: James Fauntleroy "Abducted"

In the continuing saga of the mysterious-more-than-likely Danja beat, a new player is now involved. First we had K Young's "Incredible" than there was Casley's "Crush On You" and now we have James Fauntleroy's version of the track rechristened "Abducted" that has just arrived. Take a listen:

So who's your favorite of the 3? Be on the watch for a 4th version soon I'm sure.


  1. I think Casely's "Crush On You" is better of the 3. James Fauntleroy's version isn't bad. Casely's is more appealing. It's more catchy. Casely's is definitely more memorable.

  2. This is, by far, the worst of the 3. This guy's voice is as flat as a pancake.

  3. Yeah James Fauntleroys voice is terrible it may sound better if somebody sung. The K.young track had a great hook its a great beat from danja I liked the casely track too but after a few listens it gets boring.

  4. Um, whether he is aiming for a singer career or not does not change the way he sounds on this track.

  5. 'Is you is or is you aint'? Why must you endorse bad grammar?

  6. omg r u serious?!?! again?!!?! this beat is like... idk it goes nowhere the breakdown is nice tho :)

  7. The beat is hot. I love James but I think hes singing on the higher key on this...the song culd meant for a "girl"..to whom can it to?

  8. From Wikipedia...

    ""Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby" is a 1944 Louis Jordan song, released on a single with "G.I. Jive" which reached #1 on both the Billboard pop and R&B charts.

    It was co-written by Jordan and Billy Austin. Austin (March 6, 1896 - July 24, 1964) was a songwriter and author, born in Denver, Colorado. The phrase "Is you is or is you ain't" is dialect, apparently first recorded in a 1921 story by Octavus Roy Cohen, a Jewish writer from South Carolina who wrote humorous black dialect fiction.Glenn Miller recorded this song on a radio broadcast from Europe during World War 2.

    The tune has become something of a jazz standard with versions recorded by artists including The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Nat "King" Cole, Buster Brown, Renee Olstead, Dinah Washington, Joe Williams, B.B. King, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Joe Jackson and Swing Thing.
    In 1946 the song was sung by Tom in the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Solid Serenade".
    Featured in the closing scene of the first series of British sitcom Spaced."

    There ya go...

  9. @Big-A ...for real thats sad. All that hard work to suprise ppl with something fresh...and they hear it way before its finalized and prob' get fed up by the time the final product is out! Thats Wrong!

    But atleast they can get some feedback and fix where it needs to be fixed. Some companies pay grands just to get opinions on unfinished products!

  10. I had this listed as anonymous on my iPod forEVER... thanks for clearin the air. Now I'm about to play this song about 200 times

  11. well actually now that i listened to it it's a bit repetitive

  12. that ish is hot... "commin in captain beem me up!"

    "Then she said, 'take me to your leader.' Girl it's me, it's nice to meet ya... and now you've been abducted!"

    that's really talented songwriting. for all of those who can't hear past the demo, you suck. ha! you might as well be an A&R


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