Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Britney Spears and The Clutch

As with the case of any true circus we always get more then we bargained for and this holds true for Britney Spears' own Circus with the newly leaked bonus tracks from her album including 2 by The Clutch. Check out:




Both tracks are dope in their own ways but what takes them to that next level is the vocals and vocal production. Who you ask is doing the echos, harmonies, and adlibs? No it's not Britney and no it's not Keri which only leaves one left, yep Candice Nelson. She never ceases to amaze. Yet though you want to say it's Candice or at least a woman on the "eh eh eh" parts after the chorus on "Phonography" that's actually Zeke.

So now that you've heard the album in it's entirety, how does it compare to Blackout?


  1. Answer: It doesn't compare to Blackout.

  2. I think Circus is better than Blackout. The Clutch tracks are great.

  3. Hey Dots, so happy you're here. Thanks for your comment. I look forward to many more.

  4. dude like seriously shud stop posting ur opinion on a post. just cuz u say its boring doesn't mean it iz

  5. lmao @ dots & big-a, i agree with you guys

  6. Man leave the negative cussing off the board man who cares if britney is crap I like the tracks that the clutch have made with her. Britney is the vessel that has allowed us to hear more clutch tracks. And don't forget britney has helped the clutch make some money her tracks being released has brought clutch tracks to the masses. I am sure that Blackout was probably one of the most profitable projects the clutch have been a part of.

    Ohh and dots Blackout was a sick album this site is a about danja, timbaland and affiliated tracks nobody is trying to say that britney is great we wanna hear clutch tracks.

    Personally i like the clutch blackout tracks better, Radar should been a release, I loved freakshow, gimme more and break the ice.

    Its funny how the britney tracks released are better than what keri has released so far even though keris album has a similar techno vibe>

  7. Dots and Big-A you need to appreciate good music and stop having an agenda just because its Britney. She doesn't have the most amazing voice but the vocal production, arrangements and writing on these tracks are dope. The Clutch stay way ahead of the game in terms of this.

    Besides that Britney always brings her best to a track, you hear it from every producer and writer she goes into the studio with. If you're going to criticize someone's music at least come up with something constructive rather than just "everything Britney is bullshit" (WTF? learn basic english)

    And Dots you're a dick:
    1. As has been expressed COUNTLESS times but you were obviously too dumb to read, this blog is about TIMBALAND and his AFFILIATES, Danja and THe Clutch are both TIMBALAND AFFILIATES, besides that...
    2. The blog is J Boogie's, he OWNS it, he PAID for the domain, he can post about WTF he wants and if you don't like his opinions, which he is perfectly entitled to, why don't you just FUCK OFF?

    Stay off the hater-ade please.

  8. Oh, and your blog is so much doper than this one, I'ma subscribe right now, LMAO!

  9. OMG!!!!!
    circus is THE BESSSSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!
    9999994847575858 times better then Blackout. i LOVE the title track and "Kill the Lights" and "Amy" and "Amnesia" and... EVERYTHING ELSE!
    I <3 Britney!!!

  10. Blackout was a million times better. It was less traditional Britney and a step in a completely new and different direction. Although this album is not bad, the production and songs overall are a lot more safe and closer to what Britney was doing 5 or 6 years ago. I liked techno-dance-Britney a lot better.

  11. I do think that Blackout was the better album, but Circus is damn good. Trouble is just great; laid back and easy to listen to, and Phonography has great, great lyrics. All of that bullcrap from dots and Big-a...I'm not even gonna begin. I look as Britney as a canvas; she has image and star power, and the basic, necessary talent. When Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, The Clutch, etc. get their hands on her, they're allowed to be as creative as they want to be, and make amazing music. You cannot tell me that the music Danja made on Blackout is some of his finest work. Damn y'all... having me rambling all over the internet... Good album Britney, and The Clutch + B&A did their thing with these tracks.

  12. hey my niggas, sorry i just lost my mind lol, i apologize jboogie.

    anyways Part Of Me instrumental here dudes http://www.zshare.net/audio/51522928883ca062/

    got the acapella also will upload soon, late and i'm headin' to bed

  13. I'm not really a fan of Britney but I think Circus is like Blackout Part 2. The songs are more edgier with great songwriting.


  14. i will admit the songwriting is much better on this album, which i think is its strength. on the other hand i think Blackout's strength was its production which was amazing. and I'm going to have to stick up for Danja on that one, his production was insane on Blackout. i'm sad he only got two tracks out of this one, i was expecting another 'get naked' or 'break the ice'.

    speaking of production, are any of her instrumentals out from this album yet? I bet that they are killer. I think that every artist should release their instrumentals to every song like what T.I. did for his TI vs. TIP album.

  15. @Dots
    Why u sayin sorry?? For what? Stand by your opinion, speak your mind. Ass kissing isn't good, that won't take you anywhere in life!

  16. Big-A I think I think he was apologizing for being so abusive and off topic. It's one thing to give your opinion on britney and the clutch and another to personally attack someone...

  17. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!! yall r crazy haha
    this ish in no way compares to blackout...it gets on my nerves bad..

  18. The production on Blackout was crazy! This album does have more meaning and content in the lyrics though!

    I also agree Britney isnt the best singer...but she isnt that bad and can bring out the best in producers at times!

  19. yup i'm basically apologizing to jboog not about britney. personally i think danja is wack without timbo. I think most of his solo stuff sound the same.

    C C Part of Me acapella, start remixing dudes!

  20. @ dots youre crazy danja and timbo together sound noisy and cluttered danja is better without timbaland he has his own sound and is very versatile.

  21. The Album Overall is Pretty Amazing...

    Not gonna lie.

    -Sean T.


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