Thursday, November 13, 2008

DJ Freestyle Steve introduces: The EriAm Sisters

If any of you have ever met Freestyle Steve you know he's a real cool, laid back dude so when he asked me to come meet his new artists he was working with, I didn't hesitate. Little did I know that I would end up having my first studio experience, meet 3 young sisters with talent far beyond their years, and run into a Chronicles reader all along the way.

Last week I told you about the 10 year old singing phenom named Haben who unexpectedly performed at the Chris Cornell show here in Seattle as an opener. Haben is 1/3 of the sister trio The EriAm Sisters originally from Eritrea, Africa but have now settled in Seattle, Washington. Lianda, 14, Salina, 13, and Haben, 10, come from a musical family so since birth singing has always been a part of who they were and come natural to each of them. They would spend countless nights singing "Silent Night" and "Killing Me Softly", learning how to harmonize with one another and perfect their voices. As their confidence grew and their familiarity with one another's range and pitch became solidified, people started to pay attention. Parents and teachers alike noticed that these girls weren't just singing for fun rather they really had special gift. Soon the sisters were singing at local city and cultural events and posting videos via myspace and youtube visited by thousands all across the world. Little did Salina, Lianda, and Haben know that on the other side of the country a talkshow, The Maury Povitch Show, was on the search for America's next talented kids for it's new series.

Having run across the sister's youtube page, the show called on Haben to perform as part of the future kids of tomorrow. Despite a bad cold, Haben performed an amazing rendition of the Beyonce classic "Irreplaceable" much to the surprise of the stunned crowd. Only 10 years old?!? Though she didn't win the contest, the word was out and soon the sisters website was flooded with millions of visitors. Everyone wanted to know just who were The EriAm Sisters.

So there I was sitting in the studio with Freestyle, listening to a banging beat by legendary west coast producer J Silva (Lil' Wayne, E-40, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt), mouth wide open as I listened to 10 year old Haben belt out a song as if she'd been in the business 20 years. Again only 10 years old!? We spent all afternoon in the studio as I watched Ron Silver, the sisters, and Steve create the catchy and age appropriate track "When I Grow Up". Yet as if the day couldn't get any better, I end up talking to an engineer at the studio who just happened to be a Chronicles reader himself. Irony or meant to be? At the end of the day I left thankful for the experience and eager to hear more from the sisters in the future.

So will Timbaland be working with the sisters? That's definitely a possibility but in the meantime be on the lookout for much, much more from The EriAm Sisters. Currently, they are ranked in the top 20 R&B/Soul artists on Reverb Nation, they have a charity that is continuously expanding, and along with Freestyle's full time collaboration be on the look out for a single in early 2009. Stay tuned!

A BIG shout out to Freestyle and my dude Tryfe at Pacific Studios!


  1. J tell Steve I got pop/r&b production all day and to get @ me


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