Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New D.O.E Interview

For all you out there, from MCS to producers to regular folks, on your grind trying to make something of yourselves this interview is for you. D.O.E opens up about his struggle form the streets to the majors, how "The Way I Are" changed his game, and the real deal on working with Timbo. Check it out:

What’s your current label situation with Timbaland?

Timbaland is still at Interscope. The situation went south but two years later, him and Interscope worked it out. I’ve been on Interscope since they got me. They had to do the Nelly Furtado album and when he did his album, he told me he got me. I was like, ‘All right, cool.’ I was just going off of his word. That was another hard thing to do because you’re not supposed to put too much trust in any man but it was like, I put that trust in him. I was like, ‘All right, cool.’ He said he got me so I waited.

So when it came time to do his album he told me to come down there but at this time I’m super-fucked up. I had to rent a car and drive down there and when I got to the studio, I didn’t even have no money for a hotel so I slept in the car for three days. Every day after the studio I would go and sleep in the car while everybody else went to their hotels. They didn’t know. And then one day Timbaland caught me and I told him I was fucked up. He got me a hotel room and when we got to the studio he said he had the perfect song. It was “I ain’t got no money.” (laughs) Oh shit! That right there damn-sure was the perfect record for me. That’s how “The Way I Are” came about. That shit was perfect for me. That shit was a poor man’s anthem!

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  1. What you laughin about?? I don't see any reason to laugh at all. It's about time that artists talk the real deal and none of that fabricated and rehearsed bullshit, always trying so hard to look good and wealthy.

  2. don't lie...I smell bullshit even a few thousand miles away...
    P.S.: I don't have mood cycles. I am the same ass 24/7!

  3. DOE as an artist hasnt really impressed me but I respect his grind & I can relate.



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