Monday, November 17, 2008

Joe Budden addresses unheard Timbaland track

The year was 2006 and Joe Budden's highly anticipated 2nd album The Growth was right around the corner. Budden did a blitz of interviews hyping up the album and continually talked about his hopeful first single featuring Fabolous titled "Whatcha Doin' Tonight" produced by Timbaland. We couldn't wait! One of the most talked about MCs at the time hooking up with Timbaland for a hip hop beat versus the pop sound Timbo had started to create.

So we waited...

And waited...

And waited...

There was pushbacks and then label issues and then no label then a different label and another album, more mixtapes but still no Budden/Timbo track. In the midst of it all a very short snippet (and very rare) snippet of the track did appear but still I asked, what ever happened to the track?

Finally that question has finally been answered. In a recent interview Budden talked about his long coveted Timbaland track: A lot of these rappers feel they need A-list production to break into mainstream. Do you feel you need a Just Blaze or Timbaland to do that?

Joe Budden: No, I got a Timbaland track in my computer right now that I paid $100 grand for that never came out, that I never did anything with. So just because you go to these big name producers doesn't mean, doesn't guarantee that you're going to come away a record. When you're independent, the way I am this second, it doesn't really make sense to go spend $30, 40, 50, 60, 70 grand on a beat. That doesn't make sense. You just need to go harder with beat selection. I got a track on my first album called "Give Me A Reason" that Just Blaze produced that everybody hated. So I mean it don't really guarantee that, but I love Just Blaze, let me say that.

Let's hope one day this track will surface.

You know Budden brings up a good point: in the rough times of today's music era, is it better to spend a lot of money and go with an A list producer or stick with a cheaper up and comer? What do you think?


  1. Well, I know if I were an artist I would DEFINITELY not have a-list producers unless it was Tim or Danja and ONLY if they were willing to produce 75% of the album.
    But if i couldent get Tim or Danj then id get 1 or 2 crazy ass no name producers cuz there are some CRAZY amatuer producers out there with lots of talent... thats wat id do

  2. I totally agree.....I personally feel that a standard will set soon where lyricist will be shunned by the public due to the lack of abliity to produce their OWN ish. In this day and age, the rapper is slowly decinergrating, and recording artist will soon began to ask thequestion...."DO I WANNA BE JUST THAT?" Point is, if ur not doin' it.....UR NOT DOIN' IT.

  3. He needs to holla at me next time :)

    But on a serious note, an artist should know by now that not every A-List can come up with a banger each and every time! Its just the name that helps the track sell most of the time...

    There are a few A-List producers out there who arent consistent but the name helps 'em get by no matter what they put out!

  4. Not much to say on this, except I personally couldn't stand that Just Blaze track he did either.

    I pretty much agree with everything he said. It's just a shame that realisation cost him $100 grand. :P

  5. Just Blaze can do some awesome ish but like Don £ Blaze said u cant expect an a-list producer to always dish out a hit

  6. I'm still trying to locate this myself


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