Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unreleased Kiley Dean "My Own" produced by Timbaland (Update)

Update: As with most Timbo/Kiley tracks, that's Candice Nelson and Walter Milsap III laying down the mean pen game on this track.

Have I mentioned before how much I love the randomness of leaks? Case in point, take a listen to a previously unreleased track off of the best unreleased Timbaland album ever created, Kiley Dean's Simple Girl:

"My Own" featuring a lil' yell from Timbo

So where did this track come from? It should be obvious from the intro but why now? Regardless of why or how we got another Kiley/Timbo banger! BIG props to Ryan.


  1. The Boomp3 link isn't working. Can you repost?

  2. Nice song...

    but ehhh...

    In that pick... I'd give her the business...

    She kind of looks like Hayden at a glance...

    I'd definitely give Hayden Panettiere the super business...

  3. got this song like a month ago... it's at the bluri site somewhere

  4. That's live strings, I bet its a sample.

  5. Kiley Dean - My Own


  6. what Donny said... i haven't played the song that much, though.

    it's aight. i wish i had cover art for the album Simple Girl, though

  7. Meh, it's alright. Nothing special.

  8. One of my fav albums to date! I like almost all the tracks on there, if not!

    For real she does look like Hayden...first glance!


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