Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Danja "Hurt Somebody"

Everyday I get emails with a new "Timbaland", "Danja", or "The Clutch" track and almost always they end of being some random track by some random artist that some random website labeled as a "Timbaland beat" in order for people to listen. I'll give you all a rule thumb that works almost everytime: If you've never heard of the artist before or more so if the artist is unsigned to a major more than likely it isn't a Timbaland or Danja beat. The economy might be down at the moment but that doesn't mean Timbo isn't still charging a $100,000 a track that both Kardinal Offishall and Joe Budden have confirmed in the past so how could an unsigned major artist afford that? The rule doesn't always apply (Mahtie's "Burnerz") but for the most part it does.

There are, however, those rare occasions that it truly IS a Timbo or Danja beat. Case in point: A few days ago a track came out labeled as a Danja beat, written by the Clutch, and sung by Motown Record recording artist LeMarvin who The Clutch have worked with before ("Not My Day", "New Body Style") yet there was no way to confirm it. Sure it sounds like Danja, that could be The Clutch's melodies, and maybe it is LeMarvin but there was no real info on just who it was.

Well after a little checking on our part The Chronicles found out that the track is indeed a Danja beat and a Clutch penned track. Here take a listen:

So is that LeMarvin on the vocals? Nope. Rather it's Clutch member...drum roll....Bale'wa Mohammad. The track must be a demo but who for we have yet to find out. Now if you remember from the interview with fellow Clutch member J. Que, he said Bale'wa has done more music than the entire Clutch combined and Que is right. As is the case with most songwriters, you might not know Bale'wa by name but you know his music guaranteed. If you want to get a little history on Bale'wa and his start into music check out my homie's Zo's blog which takes us back to the early days of being in Mohammad's group The Transitions and his hit work with Jaheim. Good research Zo.

Add another to the Danja list!


  1. HEYA

    Thank you for the shout-out!
    Mucho appreciated!!


  2. somethin tells me danja's been listenin to korean soundtracks again......

    nevertheless, this is hot!

  3. I'm feelin' this.

    Oh, and before anyone else gets on the receiving end of Big-A's anger management issues:

  4. wow i cant believe i FINALLY found out who the singer on the chorus of "The Way I Are" is!!!!!
    hahaha ive always been curious...

  5. @aayize
    next time buy the album and open the booklet --> T. Mosley, N. Hills, K. Hilson, B. Muhammad, C. Nelson,
    J. Maultsby

  6. DAmn i've been searching for the transitions since forever

    "5th of gin" and "2 train" used to be my shit "back in the days"

    ahah i need that album in my life

  7. I like this, my suspicions are correct there is a lot of good music that we never get hear. Danja and the clutch are definitely a dream team in the making.

    I don't understand why certain clear danja clutch bangers don't get the light of day? I was in disbelief today when I heard that Neyos closer was a number 1 smash hit. It is clear the commercial mainstream listen to trash so why don't the record labels release quality stuff anyway(Keri hilsons energy was trash man so is return the favour) I think what there doing now is trying to play up to the masses and releasing trash thinking that it well sell thats a real shame.

    These days i don't buy music but I was keen on getting three albums: Keri Hilson, Static major and Ryan leslie,but look what happened static died!! Keri and ryan keep getting pushed back.

  8. @Big-A
    lol wow i nvr thought of tht!
    even if i did tho i still wouldent know who it was cuz theres 2 names that im not sure of who they are.
    i dnt kno who J. Maultsby is. And i just found out who B. Muhammad is.

  9. :) J. Maultsby = John Maultsby = John Doe = D.O.E.

  10. This track is nice. The singer is cool. The production if definitely off the hook. Danja did it again.

  11. this is another hit... for my most played on the iPod, that is.

  12. Lol@ Big-A's regulation tactics, taking no BS! lol

    I like this track alot...because I use most of the instruments he used in this! Danja should make alot more good music like this right here!


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