Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keri Hilson pushed again until 2009

Some sites said December 9th while we said the end of the year but now Billboard is reporting that Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World has been delayed until early 2009.

The article also reveals some brand new tracks and producers we haven't heard of up until this point. There's also a very interesting piece of news about a Keri track we've known for years. Check it out:

"World" features production from Polow Da Don, Roy Hamilton, Timbaland, Royal Court and Danja Handz, as well as co-production from R&B artist/producer Tank. Guest features include Timbaland and Lil Wayne.

Beyond the singles "Energy" and "Return the Favor" featuring Timbaland, the album includes the seductive "Turning Me On," the stern "Intuition" ("Dudes think they're slick / got a lot of girls on they're d*cks / but I'm not the silly girl I used to be") and the Grace Jones sampling "Do It To Me Radio."

Justin Timberlake co-wrote the acoustic guitar-flecked "Slow Dance," while Danja produced "Love Ya." The album is rounded out by the piano-based "Hurts Me," the dance track "Shake It Like a Dog" and the revenge tale "How Does It Feel?"

Danja produced "Love Ya"?! Solo? I definitely didn't see that one coming. You can also add "Intuition" and "Hurts Me" to the tracklisting. So the question is will this album ever come out and what's the plan from now until the release date? Release more singles until one of them catches on?


  1. What??? Delayed!! Please not again!

    I hope the unknown Tracks won't leak because I want to be surprised with the Album and the Songs on it.

  2. I don't belive that Danja produced Love ya solo it has some very timbaland quirks about it like the way the violins are used.

    This STINKING album is not going to get released!!!! First Ryan Leslies now Keri.

    Keri has some strange song choices that shake it like a dog song is straight trash.

    JUST release the album please.
    The people at that label are incompetent the more time you take to release an album the more likely that it will leak JUST release it please.

    Man i think it seems like straight rascism WHY did they release Nelly furtados album and Justins albums and not keris. The brown skin sister ain't the getting the support she needs man. Them songs she has released got no air play over here in the UK.

  3. Man Interscope is f*ckin up big time Chris pushed back, Keri pushed back but they gonna let flop boys 50 & Soulja Boy release a cd before Chris & Keri. I'm fed up w/ these record labels. Stupid Interscope probably tryna wait til the money for Soulja Boy & 50 maybe Eminem projects come in before they release Keri & Chris album I dont even think both 50 &Soulja gonna sell well with the crap they tryna release.SMDH

  4. I hate to say it, but I just don't care about this album anymore.

  5. yeah its just like ryan leslie, because both of them don't have that much exposure. Ryan has two singles out and they aren't really popular enough to be considered a hit, same way for keri, even though they both have good songs.

    being in high school. when you sing a song out loud in class, and the whole class knows what you're singing, that's when you know its a hit.
    ex. Bleeding Love, Umbrella, Crank That lol..
    Keri needs something special..

  6. Love Ya definately doesn't sound like he produced it solo. It feels like her album will never come out Interscope doesn't know what they are doing right now 50 cent and G-Unit have lost their luster in reality everyone at the moment are going to sell like they are used to.


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