Friday, November 28, 2008

Hall and Oates sue over "Maneater"

80s favorites Daryl Hall and John Oates are suing Warner Music Group's music publishing division Warner/Chappell Music home of Hall & Oates, Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley and Nate "DanjaHandz" Hills. The legendary duo filed in Manhattan's Supreme Court for failure to protect their 80s classic "Maneater."

Warner Chappell Music are accused of breaching their contract by refusing to sue for copyright infringement. "[Warner/Chappell] failed and refused to take action based upon a conflict of interest of its own making," the suit says. "[Warner-Chappell] publishes and/or administers the copyright interests of two of the infringers." Though the suit does not name specific names, Hall & Oates are suing for an unspecified amount in damages and a termination of their contract with the publishing company.

A company spokeswoman for Warner Chappell said the case was "completely without merit" and "we will defend ourselves vigorously."

So what do YOU think? Is there a case or not? Leave a comment and let us know.

Hall and Oats "Maneater"

Nelly Furatdo "Maneater"


  1. well, at least Tim and Danja aren't being sued... lol at Hall and Oates expecting Warner Chappell to sue Warner Chappell

  2. A classic case of when the checks stop coming

  3. @Frederick
    Everybody involved in Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" is named in the lawsuit. Also Danja, Tim, Mosley Music Group, Interscope, Universal etc. You will find that in every lawsuit that claims copyright infringement.

  4. Not according to the BBC article. No one has named. ??

  5. They named in it anyway as the writers of the song, let's bet. That doesn't mean H & O are sueing Danja or Tim directly. But I am 100% sure in what I say.

  6. This is a case of reaching... and when reaching hurts.

  7. TEM NADA HAVER!!! there are no similarities. yes they both say she's a maneater but almost every song says i miss u or i love u or i love u girl... your my world. my point is this lawsuit is bogus

  8. LOL they need the money... Their bills need to get paid. meaning H&O. we all see this. Hilarious

  9. Please the two songs are completely different the only similarity is the name maneater and the fact that they say both say maneater. The verses are different the melody is different and the lyrics are different. These two di** heads are a couple of serious bastards.

  10. ridiculous. there dont even remotely sound similar. unless they have exclusive rights to the phrase "shes a maneater" there is no case. Money has dried up, so lets make up shit to get some..... hope they have to pay for time wasting.

  11. well, at least this time it's a case of lyrics, and not sampling! too bad the producers had to be dragged into it.

  12. ''A classic case of when the checks stop coming.''

    So True so true

  13. ahhhh....
    i LOVE all and oats!!!
    and i looooooove "Maneater" by both artists...
    but suing for this has me sayin wtf???

  14. LOL @ When the checks stop coming.

    These dudes still touring and getting atleast 50 K a show.

    Please don't believe they're broke. lol.

  15. lolzzz
    @chase n. cashe
    arent hall and oats gay???
    hahaha :)

  16. So what if they gay?! Lots of your fav artists, producers, musicians, executives are homosexual and you probably didn't even know...nothing new...

  17. oops there was a misunderstanding...
    for some reason i thought chase n. cashe said "lol @ when the girls stop coming" idk why i thought that??? i guess i just read it wrong. so i wrote "arent they gay"...

    but @ big-a
    for the 1st time im glad that your deffensive about this... hahaha!
    i have no problem at all with gays. Im gay/confused/bi myself so the more gay celebrities there are the more chances i have of gettin with someone famous lolzzz!

  18. Besides the fact thatthey sound nothing alike. Why wait so long ( apprx 2 years)to sue??

  19. @Stardust
    why sue right after the album comes out, stopping them to sell the album etc.? tactics is the keyword! The song generated enough money already, now it's worth to take legal actions.

  20. this is some retarded ishh makes no sense :@

  21. hahaha...
    i DONT walk around like a drag queen...
    u'd probably nvr kno tht i was gay...
    i hide it very well...
    hahaha :D

  22. What;s wrong with drag queens Big A? :-P

  23. Are you sure their beef is with Nelly/Timba? Obviously the songs are nothing alike. As a former semi-H&O fanatic who watched a lot of their videos repeatedly in the 80's, and a definite Nely "Maneater" fanatic in all respects, I DID notice something I just thought was more like a tribute, parody or acknowledgement to Hall & Oates in Nelly's video, and that was Nelly's dog walking down the stairs and creeping around, as compared to the cat/feline/pussy-figure in H&O's video doing the same. But that definitely isn't sue-worthy. If shit like that was the case, Michael Jackson could be suing everybody out there for BLATANT ripoffs of all his classic videos.


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