Monday, November 3, 2008

Timstrumetal of the Week

Along with Danja and Justin Timberlake's assistance, here is the Timstrumental of Madonna's newest single:

"Miles Away"

We're one of the first sites to post the Timstrumental so get it while it's hot! With any luck the B Side to this song will be another guitar driven song in the same vain called "Across The Sky" also produced by Timbo with Justin Timberlake on backing vocals. The track is very much real so let's hope we all get the chance to hear it!

*this is the Timstrumental for the radio edit not the album version.


  1. It is a sexy track.....but the same chords seem to be used so often. Transitions frm tracks like REHAb & WHAT GOES AROUND

  2. I'll admit that this version sounds WAY different from the album version.

    Or, maybe it's because I can hear everything that would have just been masked by Madonna's vocals. Either way, I need to get my hands on the radio edit soon.

  3. WAY different? I dont hear much difference to the album version, just the outro coming in soo soon and short!

    This is by far my favourite song on the album!

  4. well, when was the last time I actually listened to this song?

  5. this track is amazing! love the little pop synths that come in during the chorus!

    i do agree with Curta...the same chords do get used a little too often!

  6. awww i wish that we had the instrumental to the album version...
    that outro is HOOOOOOT!!!


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