Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Word is Danja gets 3rd Spears single

Word is Britney Spears new single will be the Danja produced "Break The Ice." Danja continues his streak of productions becoming singles as does Jim Beanz who has been turning everything he touches into pure vocal fire these days. No news on a release date or video but we do have a goodie for you:

Britney Spears "Break The Ice" Danjstrumental

Check that break down at the end, DAMN! Danja is going back to the old Tim days with the bird call ha!


  1. They need to release "Get Naked" after this. That song would blow the clubs up.

  2. wow! you guys have blown me away these past couple days. ive been searching literally everywhere for britney's instrumentals and have only found a few....and this one is my favorite. where do you guys get these.

    keep the danjstrumentals coooming!

  3. YES!! I was hopin this would be a single and I agree that "Get Naked" would be a good single too


  4. Damn, I thought they were angling for "Hot as Ice"... not that that was as good as this!


  5. i LOVE this song so much, the instrumental is incredible... goddamn you danja *shakes fist*

  6. danja doing his own thang

  7. they need GET NAKED!

    im still waiting for the instrumental

  8. It should have either been this or "Radar" for me, I hope she releases "Radar" soon its guaranteed single material! I don't mind if she releases "Freakshow" or "Toy Soldier" after that but please not "Hot As Ice", so irritating!

    Can't wait to see another Britney video to a Danja beat, hopefully she'll make a better job of it this time. "Gimme More" video was a joke as we all know but she danced awesome in "Piece Of Me" so hopefully she'll pull it off again...isn't she on meth at the moment or something? We' shall see how this shoot turns out bearing that in


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