Saturday, January 19, 2008

Listen to Missy Elliott's "Shake Your Pom Pom"

Check out the snippet of "Shake Your Pom Pom" from the official Step Up 2 movie myspace page.

I'm hoping the whole song sounds better than the snippet, as I am very unimpressed. I'm also wondering who's singing the chorus because that isn't Timbo.

Your thoughts?


  1. hmmm... i not liking that missy song either... no way has timbo influenced that track... guy in chorus could be danja?

    hey n btw - grabbed this link of a blog called MElody somethin lol APPARENTLY it's timbaland's remix to janet's FEEDBACK...
    is it?

  2. doesn't sound like tim... and that Feedback remix sounds more like Danja, if anything (though, I'm not saying it IS)

  3. so where is the Track?! I cant find anything to play on that No-Name Myspace site !!???

  4. missys fallen off

    and im a missy stan lol

  5. Missy Missy Missy.......

  6. Ughh! Missy's music was soo much better when she was fat! Sorry...

  7. ^^lmao
    yeahh it sounds....ill jus wait till i can hear the full thing

  8. i cant hear the song it send me to myspace and nothing comes up

  9. Id on't knw what everyones talking about I quite like this song.


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