Monday, January 28, 2008

Marcella talks about the making of "The Way I Are"

In this month's issue of Sound On Sound magazine (we featured the Jimmy D article here too) Marcella takes you behind the scenes of the making of "The Way I Are" and working with Timbaland. Take a look:

****“I’m like a mad scientist when I’m in the studio,” she says. “I love to experiment with everything. I’ll get creatively sicko from time to time, stretching sounds and making rhythms out of things that don’t yet exist in the file. Recording is an art in its own right, but mixing is where it’s at for me. When I was an intern I would sneak into the studios when they weren’t used and I’d put up anything I could bring in, and I’d just practise and practise and practise. Then I’d go back to my car and listen and I’d learn from that. Mixing is about making sure that all sounds work with each other, that certain moving parts, lead lines stand our more than other parts, and that the vocal is at the centre of it all. Tim is always going on about being able to hear the music, and he taught me that the vocals have to stand out too. It’s very challenging, and I love to be challenged."****

Full Article BIG props to El Jefe for the article!


  1. Here it is my Timbaland Comunity friends
    the article

  2. Here is the Instrumental of "elevator":

  3. Daniel you are too fast haha! I was just about to post it :)

  4. "Shock Value" is one of the worst-sounding albums I've heard. Marcella has some great mixes, though, like the Danja/Katharine McPhee tracks. I think Demo is probably the worse engineer.


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