Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did you know? The Rapture & Timbaland

I'm on the fence as far as Tim's rock collaborations go and always have been. Some come out great and really show Tim's versatility as a successful rap, hip hop, r&b, pop, AND rock producer but then there are others where the chemistry just wasn't there. I will say as time goes on these rock collabos are a lot more fluid and I wonder how much of an influence Danja has on that. Anyhow, just over a year ago there was a possible collaboration between The Rapture and Tim that in the end unfortunately, didn't pan out. Check it out:

****Luke, I met you at a show in Baltimore a few years ago, and you were saying something about how you might be doing something with Timbaland. Nothing ever happened with that?

LJ: We met him. We went to his studio and hung out, but sadly it never made sense.

MS: He liked our band and wanted to do something. If you look at what he's been coming out with recently, it makes sense. There's an unfortunate reality that the economy of a rock band, for lack of a better word, and one of the world's biggest hip-hop producers, his cutting you a deal is our album budget. Even if he cuts us a great deal, it's still more than we're able to afford, which is a shame.

LJ: We're still in a ghetto in a sense. We're still on the lower side of major-label bands. We don't have any proven hit singles; therefore, the record label's not going to be like, "You need a million dollars to make this record? Cool!"

MS: I think it's a shame. I'm sure that it would've been a lot of fun. It's a shame when something comes down to economics and what someone could be making doing a lot of pop shit gets in the way of what could be a really interesting collaboration.****

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  1. Man that is messed up. something has to give. Somebody needs to pay more, or charge less. This has to happen, I hate hearing about stuff that didn't work out because of money.

  2. I'd say charge less because what he charges artists might say no and go with a producer that sounds like tim

  3. I think you need to get on first with some proven single, these guys are no-namers. If they were desperate for a hit single then get that loan money and get in the studio with Tim and cut that track and you're on top of the world, ya digg?

  4. Whoa..Im disappointed in Timbaland. Its THE RAPTURE! He should've cut a HUUUGE deal. Talent doesnt mean having hit singles nessessarily. He was begging to work with Spears..but he wont work with Rapture?! Ashlee Simpson but not the rapture?!? wow..


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