Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Missy Elliott "Ching-A-Ling" & "Shake Your Pom Pom" in 3D

Update: The video will combine both "Ching A Ling" & "Shake Your Pom Pom." Get your glasses ready!

Just when you thought Missy couldn't get any more creative, she flips the script yet again. The folks over at Missy Watch have announced that Missy's video for "Ching A Ling" will be in 3D. That's right 3 D!

Don't have 3D glasses? Don't worry Missy will come to the rescue. Check out her myspace for selected cities that will be giving them out. If all else fails, go to your local bookstore and buy a pair for a few bucks. The video premiers on Feburary 4th so get your glasses and money makers ready!

Oh yes you're right, what does Missy's "Ching A Ling" track produced by The Arkitects technically have to do with Timbaland? Nothing....BUT guess who the engineer is on the track? Yes the one and only Jimmy D! And that's not the only connection, The Arkitects are linked to one of the original Timbaland production collaborators from way back, none other than Big Tank (check the liner notes for "One Minute Man" that's Tank). Thiiiirstaaay!

Props to Big A for going that extra mile on the info as always!


  1. "check the liner notes for "One Minute Man" that's Tank"

    you saying timbaland didnt produce that?

  2. Nah he did produce it Big Tank helped him someway on it though i cant really tell what part but One Minute Man is a Timbo banger

  3. pokora feat timbaland & sebastien - she's dangerous is leaked

  4. i can't get hyped about missy no more

    i'm sorry but she's lost it


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