Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Test Drive "Drive Me Crazy" f/ Sebastian

Check out the HOT new song by Test Drive featuring Sebastian "Drive Me Crazy" with Jim Beanz on vocal production/writing and Hannon on the boards.

You can hear more from Test Drive on their myspace. Yes "Karma" is the Danja produced beat of Katherine McPhee's "Dangerous." What's the association? I have no idea......yet.

You can definitely tell what Beanz brings to the table as the vocals on their myspace sound very rough and unpolished as compared to "Drive Me Crazy." Props to Timbalandchick for the info!



    its them

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    He said he forgot their names but the group is called test drive and the song is prod by Hannon

  4. jim beanz wrote it

  5. the lyrics for that song were... garbage. I didn't like it at all. NOT hot, way too slow. yeah. and the girl can't even sing that well.

    As for that other song... they trashed the "Dangerous" beat. I'd hope for an instrumental, but Kat's label doesn't release them.

  6. I think the "Drive Me Crazy" beat is hot. But yeah, they totally ruined the "Dangerous" beat. The girl's voice is not great.

  7. the beat is hot but sounds like timbo crossed with nelly's 'flap ur wings'
    the girl cant sing and she sounds like a cheap gwen stefani/fergie knock off


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