Monday, January 14, 2008

Timbaland named in steroid investigation

Timbaland, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, and Tyler Perry have all been named in an apparent steroid investigation according to an article by the Albany Times Union. The article claims (and I say claims very loosely) that these artists between 2005-2007 placed orders for steroids and injectable human growth hormones (HGH) to be sent to Long Island chiropractor Michael Diamond, an anti-aging consultant at the Clay Gym in Chelsea. Dr. Gary Brandwein in Miami, has been named as the doctor who prescribed the drugs and has made a name for himself as the doctor who also prescribed steroids to the WWF wrestler Chris Benoit who killed his wife, his son, and himself on an apparent roid rage bend.

There are no known sources rather "confidential, private" sources have made the claims to the Times furthering my speculation as to the truth of the claims rather than just pulling names out of a hat. To date no drug laws have been broken according to Albany District Attorney David Soares, as the investigation is focusing on the doctors who prescribed the drugs. Once again let me stress this is an investigation not an implication. Until the facts are revealed and credible proof is given, this is simply an investigation with a few A list names connected to it. Let's see what happens.

With all this said though, let me ask: Does what happens in an artist's personal life affect your opinion of them as an artist?

Let us know!


  1. to be honest no effect what so ever.
    if bobby brown could be on actual drugs and still have a come back i think for producers such as timbaland, producing music the way you always do would never come in the way for me, and i'm a fan of that.


  2. THis is stupid,on MTV's Diary of Timbaland, he says how he lost the weight, and buffed up. To refresh everyone's memory, he said that LL cool J had helped him get his mind straight, and he started training with him, running, and lifting. I honestly dont think timbaland took steroids.

  3. I don't either and what does steroids do to affect producing music if anything tim would be snapping into a roid rage and destroying studios smacking danja,hannon,kidd or whom ever else for no reason. These rumours are so stupid.

  4. Tim does seriously look like he's been taking steroids though, i been saying this for ages

  5. lmao... tim smacking danja

    that'll happen when pigs fly

  6. I think an asterisk should now be placed next to all of his records.

  7. yeah right...if it said that tim, mary, 50, clef and tyler perry were named in a child pornography case.....none of you would feel they music no more (me included).

    steroids is little, but to answer your question boog, it would affect people's opinions, depending on what was going on in the artist's personal life.

  8. I see your point but look at the success of R. Kelly. He's up on child pornography charges and he's just as successful if not more than he was before the charges.

  9. everyones got their vices.. who are we to judge?

  10. Well, for me personally no. But for other people, most of you should be saying "HELLZ YES!" Think about Britney Spears! Soooo many people would not even look at her new album, let alone listen to it. Just because whats going on in her personal life. The truth is that the majority of us want to say no, but you cant.

  11. I downloaded Spears' new album, but only because Danja was on it... if you ask me, the girl's a lunatic.

  12. This is so dumb who cares about steroids if he did so what. If anything he's putting steroids in his beats.

  13. "I think an asterisk should now be placed next to all of his records."

    LOL! *dead*

  14. LMAO @ Alex!!

    I completely agree with him.

  15. i knew this dude was on roids for the longest,just needed sum evidence too back it up its his body he cant do what the hell he wants too do...he's not in any sports league so you cant suspend him, all it does it just make you look at him different now.. and what kinda guy he is behind the boards and at home...still a fan but lost lil respect for the guy...he is the one that has too deal with what might happen too his health from the drug abuse

  16. if anybody is watchin close enough...'roids ain't the only drug Tim has been indulging in...*sniff* *sniff*

  17. I think I am only suprised at the mary J part wtf she need em for?

  18. I agree with peoplelikemyself: Who are we to judge? I mean whats the deal? There are so many BodyBuilding-Competitions with people full of steroids.. I really dont think that Tim is taking some of that stuff. If you look back how his phisique was befor he began to workout - He was buck and he still is buck! He has just more deffinition. But if not, just think how buisy someone like Tim is - do you really think he has the Time for working out every day to get the body he wants? I dont think so, so them roids would be a alternative.. And to answer your question Boogie: It really depends on WHAT is going on in their Life to affect my opinion on the artist himself (like the example with RKelly), but it will NEVER affect my opinion an Tims MUSIC!!!

  19. Mary J Blige? pfft n gosh have u guys seen timbo's house? it's riddled with gym gear! no way lol
    HEY GUYS I NEED HELP! i saw the diary of timbaland on mtv today and in the credits he was playing this beat and singing over it. i wanna know what the song is, it was some SICK SHIT! PLEASE HELP!!

  20. and am I the only one who thinks Danja should sign Katharine McPhee to Crown Life?


  21. I always knew that "My Love" beat was too good to be true. I guess we all know it wasn't made naturally now, it's a shame. All those hits are tarnished now. ::sigh::

  22. hm,.... hm!
    Two sides:
    1.Laws are just man-made. You would expect that Laws just state what is common sense and what is best for the people or? BUT in reality you see that diff countries = diff. Laws. SO if you would then put two law books from italy and france side by side, you would find some differences, conclusio: one HAS to lie, one book has to be wrong.
    I heard that its legal in some States of the US that you ride your motorbike w/o a helmet, in netherland its legal to smoke pot, some countries think you are mentally ill if you do child molesting and wanna help your mentality, some countries think of you as a devil and kill you. Some countries even PUBLICLY punish women by throwing stones at them.

    There is no universal law for the whole globe so I think that moral values and common sense and friendlyness are the upmost regulations. My freedom ends, where the one of my neighbor begins. Same goes for my lawnyard ;-)

    2.NO(!!!!!) food is without effect. They say chocolate and bananas make you happy etc.... Ask ppl who know about the power of special herbs.
    PLUS some of my friends are into fitness too and they take creatin and stuff, this stuff is on the verge of beeing looked at as some kinda illegal aid, but they all just eat special powders and fitness drinks eat powerbars and and stuff. Where do you wanna drwa the line then? Nothing is without effect.

    I dont mind if ppl are on roids, JUST they dont get as much respect/ Atttention/ effect for having huge muscles, cause its not hard earned.
    That is my opinion on TAKING them.
    If it dont affect your mood and you dont get too aggresive then its up to those ppl IMO.

    ps. dealing with illegal substances is something diff. Wether its grass, wether its roids or if its for example nuts in some countries. If a law says nuts are illegal then you have to agree or move out there - stupid but thats the way it is.
    If you take the risk and want to make a quick dime, its up to you to then take the consequences (as you would have done if you would have won).

    I think Tim is rich enough to NOT be so dumb to get involved in such businesses. If he took roids at any time maybe he bought some from those dudes, but dealing? certainly not for the money, maybe for the fun, but even that I doubt.
    Maybe he hung around with stupid friends and got cought up in it all...

    But if I dont hear the roids on the Track I dont mind.
    I try to see the Artist and the piece of art seperately.
    VanGogh cut his ear, MJ ruined his face, ...the list goes on.
    Beeing talented in some ways doesnt make you a saint without flaws in every aspect!
    I personally wouldnt mind if he took roids. There is sooo many sports that are drug infected that if someone does this on a private level, its not that big to me.
    What about bodybuilding, BEST example!

    sry for the long unstructured post

  23. So what? I think that's not the only illegal substance he takes, he might snort some coke, smoke weed or even do heroin...It's about the music, that's what I like him for, not for his lifestyle! This man is rich as hell, so he won't give a fuck what others think about him.

  24. I don't understand how taking steroids would have anything to do with the music people make. Matter fact, I don't know how any part of any celebrity's personal life can determine whether they are talented or not. Timbaland is the greatest producer in my opinion and nothing like a steroids scandal is gonna change the way I feel about his talent or music. Somebody said something bout R. Kelly and his child porn case. While it is disturbing and disgusting that somebody of his status would even be connected with that stuff, that case doesn't deter me from listening to his music with an open mind and honestly telling someone "Hey, I like that 'Same Girl' track" without thinking about "Well, he's accused of child pornography so... Nah, that song is wack. R. Kelly is a child molester and he can't sing." Ya dig?

  25. Imagine how easy it is to start a rumour, these kind of stories come and go every day.
    Until we have atleast court action I will not even put _too much_ thought into this.

    Now to Boogies question; it all depends man, for real.
    I mean, if someone get caught on tape in bright daylight raping a woman or something then I would loose all respect for the artist.
    But I mean, something like steroids... It's something you take because you want yourself to feel better, not to make no one else feel worse.
    The pain of beeing heavily overweight/underweight can crush one's mind.
    It's no excuse or something, but we're all people, we make misstakes.

  26. co-sign with hammer


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