Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaliyah

Happy Birthday baby girl, you would have been 29 today and on top of the world. You are missed by so many of us.

Also here are some Rare Reels from a San Diego concert back in 1999:

"Back and Forth"

"At Your Best"

"Hot Like Fire"

"Four Page Letter"

"If Your Girl Only Knew

"One In A Million"


  1. The concert was actually from 1997 when she was on the Budweiser Superfest tour with Mary J. Blige, Dru Hill, Ginuwine, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Foxy Brown.

    Happy birthday Aaliyah! Still love you to life!!!

  2. and by the way, the link to "at your best" is messed up.

  3. Sweet Liyah,

    Thank You For Everything You Do For Us Now!

    <3 !!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Babygurl!!! <3

    For the Haughton family: our thoughts are with u. Good Luck, Luv and Peace for u - forever! ! !

    PS: Aaliyah looks really sweet on this pic - good pick ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Aaliyah.
    Much Luv,

    Aaron James


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