Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unsolved Mystery #3-Update!

Remember a couple weeks back when we were comparing Petey Pablo's "In a Minute" to the unreleased Attitude track "It's Alright, It's OK"? Well, check this out:

Jha Jha "Git It Girl"

Now compare it to this: Petey Pablo "In a Minute"

And this: Attitude "It's Alright, It's OK"

They all sound like different versions of the same Hannon Lane beat to me! What's more, there's a couple of other Jha Jha tracks besides "Do Something" that sound Hannon-esque, specifically this one:

Jha Jha "Bodies Callin"


  1. Hey, I might be wrong but that JhaJha Song 'Bodies Calling' reminds me of DeadWrong from Ms.Jade?
    Ive got Ms.Jade in my WinAmp and if I a/b them they sound quite similar.
    ...and somehow the harmonies, just the harmonies sound like another french Song.
    Melissa - Benthi(ft.Khaled)
    I know that sometimes certain Songs/ Melodies or just musical Themes seem to get reinterpreted and musically "quoted" quite often all through the arabesque and asian musical landscape. So that Melissa Song might(!) draw Inspiration from that the same Song.

  2. it is VERY similar to that ms. jade song. i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. it also sounds like "naughty eye" which hannon did, and "one and all"

  4. Nick good call on this. I never heard "Git It Girl" till now and yeah the similarity is uncanny. I always wondered about "Bodies Callin" too back when I first heard it and yes Helmholtz is does sound like Jade's "Dead Wrong" which I never noticed before. I'll have to check the sample...

    That Melissa track uses a sample as well.

  5. It's the same Kick/Snare Pattern as "Dead Wrong" but it is not the same sample...

  6. it dnt sound dat much lyk dead wrong

  7. ehhh. Ushers lets make love in the club is def king and timbo


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