Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Step Up Soundtrack Tracklist w/ new Missy AND Timbaland

So we've heard the new Missy Elliott "Ching-A-Ling" track off the soundtrack but in addition to that song their will be another Missy track called "Shake Your Pom Pom" produced by none other than.....Timbo. Yes that's right after a long delay we finally get to hear more of the Tim & Missy combo we've all come to love. Here's the complete tracklist of the soundtrack coming out Feb. 5th:

1. Low (FloRida feat. T-Pain)
2. Shake Your Pom Pom (Missy Elliott)
3. Killa (Cherish feat. Yung Joc)
4. Hypnotized (Plies feat. Akon)
5. Is It You (Cassie)
6. Can't Help But Wait (Trey Songz feat. Plies) (Remix)
7. Church (T-Pain feat. Teddy Verseti)
8. Ching-A-Ling (Missy Elliott)
9. Push (Enrique Iglesias)
10. 3-6-9 (Cupid feat. B.o.B)
11. Impossible (Bayje)
12. Lives In Da Club (Sophia Fresh feat. Jay Lyriq)
13. Girl You Know (Scarface f/ Trey Songz)
14. Say Cheese (KC)
15. 15.Let It Go (Brit & Alex)
16. Ain't No Stressin (Montana Tucker, Sikora and Denial)

Thanks to Will over at Missy Watch for the info!


  1. wow can't wait to hear it

  2. Hii, there is a song by The Relativez calld Maria... It's done by no other than Timbo him self,,, if you heard it and know someting 'bout the group or some more timbo/realativz song..plz do tell

  3. WAOOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The track is not done by Tim he is just on it!!!!

  5. Whaaaaat Bayje?!? The plot thickens...

  6. The track is done by Tim he is also on it!!!!

  7. i dont think this is the final tracklisting, because in the official trailer for the movie it say Danity Kane will be on the OST

  8. Can't wait to hear this, I hope it's fiyah!!

  9. cums all over the screen skeet skeet

    over the news

  10. ^^lol thats kinda nasty
    but yeah im sooo excited as well!! i luv ms demeanor and timbo, the wonder twins

  11. If Missy is referring to pussy, then isn't it supposed to be spelt "Pum pum"? Pom pom's are what cheerleaders use. Unless they are what she's on about.


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