Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New articles on Sebastian & Amar

This month's Tub Magazine sat down with both Sebastian and Amar to talk music, working with Timbaland, and their future albums.

****[Sebastian's] 'Diamonds' is the name of the newest single. It has a beat that grabs you and make you move in your seat! "Tim just smiled when he heard 'Diamonds'" said Sebastian. These guys have brought substance back into music! You can hear a 'snippet' on his myspace. Keep up on what he is working on next there as well.

This charming man is also busy working on even more fantastic music with Justin Timerlake. "It's quite incredible; we are going to be making the track soon. It kinda has a 'Sexyback' feel it it."****

Full Article on Sebastian on page 60

****Amar has been very busy in the studio working on her first full CD. "We have almost completed an album which will be released in the first half of 2008. It's exciting and scary when it's your own album because there is nobody to fall back or share the frontline with -this is what you represent." Amar is also looking to tour as well as film videos to go along with her new project and other collaborations she is looking to be a part of in 2008.

"I hadn't much luck getting to the session. Jim and I flew out to Virginia together for the session, there were snowstorms that night so 5 flights were cancelled. We arrived in Virginia very late and all my luggage had been lost. I went to the hotel and was told that my luggage would arrive in the morning and to rest because the session was not happening until the next day. I then received a call that same night at 2AM saying the session was ready to begin! Wired and without any of my things I went into the studio and we recorded "Bombay." It was a great moment. I couldn't sleep for days after that!"****

Full Article on Amar on page 82

Great news from both artists. 2008 is going to be a good year for music!

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