Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Timbaland video beatswitch samples

As a Timbaland fan if there's one thing that always gets me hyped up and literally makes my jaw drop it's a Timbaland beatswitch. NO ONE can do a beatswitch like Tim. He can completly change the direction and feel of a track in a blink of an eye (check "Can't Nobody") Sadly, we don't hear a classic Timbaland beatswitch as much as we used but none the less when we do it's always unforgetable. The great thing about Tim and the artists he's worked with both past and present is that even the videos have some of the most incredible beatswitches Tim has ever done (re-listen to Ginuwine's "So Anxious") 2 videos that have great yet ideitfyable beatswitches are Missy Elliott's "I'm Really Hot" and Ginuwine's "None Of Ur Business".

Missy must of had a peak at Rize and like what she saw, deciding to tap into the whole crump movement of 2004/2005. In her funky video for "I'm Really Hot" it must have been her idea to include the crazy beatswitch, and its lyrics, to match the track. At first you might think it contains the sample from K-OS' "Superstar Part 2" but in reality it samples So Ho's "Hot Music" (thanks Czar) Alicia Keys recently also used the same sample for her bonus track "Waiting For Your Love."

I also think it was Ginuwine's idea to include the beatswitch for his video for "So Anxious" since G is a dope dancer. It makes sense because the sample comes from the track by George Kranz "Din Daa Daa" from one of the greatest break danceing movies ever Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo . Yes you're right that's the same sample heard in the Pitbull's & Ying Yang Twins' "Shake" Remix.


  1. You right boogie NO One can switch a beat like Timbo he doesn't hardly ever do it anymore i miss them.

  2. WORD :)

    I think besides the "So Anxious" video the "Hit Em With Da Hee Remix" video has to be one of Timbo's best beatswitches. Some time's I feel like doing a beat (with the Bjork sample under it...damn..).

  3. I swear tim samples/interpolates something from breakdance in the "bounce" (from shock value)

  4. whats a beatswitche? sorry im a little lost... lol :)

  5. @jorn:

    Wow I feel like banging my head on the table for never having heard the 'Hit Em With Da Hee Remix' all the way through!
    The beatswitch when the violin comes is straight white-hot fyah.
    Just. Wow.

  6. @dodgyc

    Although I still think Timbaland is hot...I miss those beatswitch "wow" moments.


    ....Sorry :)

  7. Boog, for the Ginuwine track, I think you mean "None of Ur Friend's Business" instead of "So Anxious." And for those who care, the main beat for "Hot Music" is actually a sample from Wynton Marsalis' "Skain's Domain" off his J Mood album.

  8. The bottom line is Tim needs to do more of them.

  9. why are some of you mad at missy? I can't undastand

  10. Hit Em Wit Da Hee!! Classic!


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