Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Throwback: Timbaland talks religion, clubs, and "corruption"

Here is a Timbaland interview back in 2004 where he (briefly) answers a variety of questions that you may not have known about (I didn't):

****-What motivates you?

Timbaland: Music. I love Music but nothing musically is motivating me right now. The world is changing and I'm getting older, I knew it was something when I started looking at B2K funny. As I think about it, I'm sure it's like how when we were young, people looked at Rakim. We're like those people now, the older generation. We're getting older.

I like doing music but I don't like what's being said on top of the music. It's like all the images are the same old, same old. There's really no creativity, it's just a repeat, a cycle, it's all a bunch of bull crap.

- What was Missy doing at that time?

Timbaland: She was singing and doing her thing with her group Phase 2.

- You opened up a new club right?

Timbaland: Yeah.. The Cherry Lounge.

- What's your religion?

Timbaland: I'm Pentecostal. Church of God and Christ.

- If you could change what the newcomers are doing in the industry, how would you?

Timbaland: I would tell them to go back and listen to real music, 70's and 80's music, something that ya'll young people don't know nothing about. Notice I said ya'll young people. Ya'll don't know nothing about it. Go back and study the art of where real music comes from. Feel me?****

Full Interview


  1. Is this old? He says: Do you have any children? No. I thought he just had a baby.

  2. I wish he would work with Ciara I know he would give her heat.

  3. Yeah, I'm surprised that collaboration hasn't happened yet as well.

    Seriously though, if Timbaland was any more laid back, he'd be dead.


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