Friday, January 18, 2008

Danja feeds 2 to the Fat Joe Elephant

The Chronicles had previously reported about the Fat Joe/Danja collaboration for his new album and Joe recently gave MTV some more details on the album. "I got this song with Diddy called 'Party All the Time,' " he smiled. "We did the old Eddie Murphy [song over]." The remake of the Eddie Murphy cult classic is produced by Danja and is poised to be a possible single. It will definitely be interesting to see Danja's interpretation of this particular track originally produced by the legendary Rick James.

That's not all however, as another Danja produced track called "Coco Baby" will also be on the album. Named as Joe's favorite track on the album it's described as "upbeat, rhythmically focused, and blessed with an easy tempo." Keep checking back with us for more on these tracks.


  1. I smell a hurricane of synths from danja, on that eddie murphy track ;)

  2. MTV confirmed that the Eddie Murphy cover is NOT going to be on the album. Fat Joe nixed it. Bastard.

  3. why would he nix his supposedly favorite track on the album? i really wanted to hear this.


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