Friday, January 18, 2008

Artist Update: Matt Pokora

Matthieu Totta is a French music artist who first jumped on the scene with an appearance on the French TV Show 'Popstars' as part of the rap group Mic Unit. A crowd favorite on the show, the producers decided to make him part of the newly formed boy band Linkup. Linkup released their debut album Notre étoile (Our Star) in 2006, which spawned the number one hit "Mon étoile" ("My Star"). Unfortunately, the 2nd single didn't fair as well causing the album to be a sales disappointment and the group disbanded shortly there after. Unfazed and determined to prove he was no boy band fodder, the newly named Matt Pokora released his solo album Matt Pokora with the hit singles "Elle Me Contrôle" ("She Controls Me") and "Pas Sans Toi" ("Not Without You"). The album was a hit as was his 2nd album and Pokora was well on his way to becoming a French pop star. Looking to branch out to a more global audience, M. Pokora, as he is now referred to, is working on his 3rd album MP3 with 10 of the 13 songs in English and a recent reported collaboration with Timbaland.

Now I had first heard of Matt Pokora possibly working with Timbaland back in July but there was no real confirmation so I wanted to see what, if anything, would come of it. It wasn't until a recent casting call for models for a new video with Pokora and Sebastian that my curiosity was once again sturred. As it turns out despite recent reports that Pokora and Timbaland are working on 5 tracks together, it's actually Hannon Lane who will be doing the producing.

Look for the first single "She's Dangerous" produced by Hannon to premiere at this year's NRJ Award show (which Timbaland is nominated) and a video for the track to be released sometime soon. You can also check out Matt Pokora's myspace to hear more from this promising artist.


  1. Should be hott...People be hating on Hannon but he does his thing...but I also heard that Free that used to be on 106 & Park was working on her album with Timbaland...and I don't know if it's true but she was spotted at his party some months back and they seemed cool. But if I don't see it on this site, then I don't believe it.

  2. ...It will be a waste of beats for Timbaland, Pokora doesn't deserve to put his wack voice on those sounds...

  3. ^^^^co-sign lol @ promising artist this dude is wack sauce. But i'll check out the beats


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