Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another collaboration?

What's that I smell?

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Looks like we got a couple chefs cookin' up some heat in the studio. The questions are who, what, and when?

Bonnz props!


  1. is that pharell or danja with timbo??
    he looks like pharell but im not shure

  2. Pharrell and Timbo....

    I know for me personally; the hype has already started.

  3. thats probably from work they done on madonna's album.

  4. ^^^ Maybe or they are doing a project or something totally different can't wait either way.

  5. It could be a SBI project.......*snicker*

  6. well if its as good as white spaceship it will b off the chain

  7. wow an old school tim and pharrell combo, that's crazy, no it's sick , this could be from the madonna album or maybe not, cus tim did say that he wanted pharrell to come back to VA, cus people said pharrell he was fallin off, and he didn't want pharrell to lose his mojo, so this could be it


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