Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tweet enlists Missy Elliott & Timbaland

Yes it's true, Tweet recently confirmed in an interview with DJ Booth that she's looking to both Missy and Tim for some final heat for her album Love, Tweet.

****DJ booth: You mentioned you were at the Hip Hop Honors last month, featuring Missy Elliot. What is the greatest contribution Missy made to your career?

Tweet: Callin’ me on that day! [laughter] I didn’t know what I was gonna do with myself. Other than that, the greatest contribution is just being a friend and being there prior to my career, just introducing me to the world.

DJ Booth: Despite not recording under the umbrella that is Elektra/Atlantic – no pun intended – now with Umbrella Records, will you still be working with Missy?

Tweet: Yeah, of course. I’m looking to record my final songs and from Missy as well as Tim[berland], and we just haven’t had a chance to hook up. She has some real fire for me, so I know it’s comin’ soon.****

If you haven't already stop by her myspace page and her fan page to show support. Let's really hope these tracks make the final cut. Props to Big A on the find.


  1. this interview in very very old, now tweet said that missy and timbo won't be on her album she really wanted to go on her own .

  2. 5 bucks it's not gonna happen

  3. Tim had 4-5 tracks for Tweet to work on on this album.

  4. Tweet has now said Missy nor Tim will appear..


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