Monday, January 28, 2008

Timstrumental of the week

It's been awhile since we've done some Timstrumentals so I thought I'd come through and remind ya'll what it's all about. Roderick has the extensive TImsrumental collection much much depper than mine so I'll just go ahead and stick to the current Timbo tracks.

Here we have:

Ashlee Simpson's "Outta My Head"


Flo Rida's "Elevator" (I'm loving the brass!)



  1. Danja obviously was on this as well. *elevator that is*.

  2. wow, you answered my prayers! ive been looking for the elevator instrumental everywhere. keep the instrumentals coming, please!

  3. That first one's kinda late, Boogz. Appreciate the effort, though.

  4. i love the elevator instrumental...and hey check this out:i think the begining brass section is a sample or interpolation of the bjork song dull flame of desire of the volta album,in which tim contributed with 3 songs.Here's a link:!What do you think wasn't this an inspiration for elevator?

  5. aw the choral voices were takin out of the elevator instrumental, i wanted to hear it more clearly


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