Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Timbaland rules 2007

Let me first off say Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2007 was as good a year for you as it was for me but more importantly you all ready for 2008? We here at The Chronicles definitely are and as always we will continue to bring you ALL things Timbaland as well as expanding your minds to all those in the Timbo family both past and present.

2007 was a HUGE year for Timbaland. His solo album went platinum, he vaulted Nelly Furtado and Justin Timerblake to the top of the worldwide sales mark with their respective albums, and he had numerous #1 hits all across the world. Everyone and anyone was looking to get a piece of Tim from Redman to Ashlee Simpson, Bjork to M.I.A, Bobby Valentino to Duran Duran. 2007 was also the year that Timbo shared the love as we watched Tim's former protégé Danja become a solid A list producer in his own right, the vocal producer extraordinaire Jim Beanz's name get bigger and bigger, as well as the newly formed Royal Court get 7 singles released of their only 10 known productions that's MAJOR! With an album by Keri Hilson right around the corner, long overdue albums from both Sebastian & D.O.E planned for 2008, and new artists continually being added to Mosley Music Group, Tim looks to continue in 2008 right where he left off: total domination.

Timbo had a slew of productions in 2007 ranging from straight up pop to that old school Tim sound we all know and love. Here are my top 5 for the year:

5. Spitfiya "Hit U Wit No Delay" - a track that came out of the blue yet has of the most crisp and clean drums Tim has ever used.
4. Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo "Make You Better" -when I first heard the leaked snippet of this track I went crazy. Tim actually remembered how to stutter, which I thought he had lost in his quest for pop supremacy. Though lazy with the sample flip it still turned out to be a dope track.
3. M.I.A "Come Around" -everything about this track is genius, from the much sought after sample (thanks Czar), the outer space break, to those driving drums and guitar offset with the 1/2 time beat, add M.I.A's perfect obscure lullaby "da da daaaan daaa daaa" and you have a true gem indeed.
2. Timbaland f/ Keri Hilson "Hello" -what can I say I love the Timbo drum stutter and this track is Tim in his element from start to finish. Keri brought the CRAZY vocals, Tude showed why Warner Bros signed him, and even Timbo showed that he still had some flow in him. The harp sample (a la Jamie Fox "Can I Take U Home") sealed the deal on the best track not on Shock Value
1. Timbaland f/ Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z "Laff At Em" Remix -despite the epic pop songs, the synth heavy ballads, and the radio friendly tracks that dominated Tim's songs of 2007, he reminded us all that he could still create a straight up BANGER. Heavy drums, a killer combo of laughter samples (check that one in during the chorus), and the long awaited return of the Jay Z/Timbo combo and you had the illest Timbo beat created in many years.

What about your top 5? Happy 2008!


  1. I don't have a top 5 yet (and probably can't, since I heard so many years' worth of Tim material in just one year), but I was listening to that Fab track yesterday after having not heard it in a while... and it's a classic. Even if the beat does repeat, it just flows.

    And, the Laff at 'Em Remix is pure genius. "Sick as hell," as I once called it.

  2. 1.Ayo Technology~ woulda been classic without 50 on it and i actually like 50. That beat was misused.

    2. Maneater remix~ crazy. Weezy showed his ass on it

    3. Make me better~pretty simple for Tim but Fab and Neyo killed it

    4. Wonderwoman~Tryna figure out how this track didn't blow up

    5. Miscommunication~Went over my head at first but ended uo being my fav joint off of Shock Value

    Honorable mention: 3 am by Jeezy, ...comes around interlude by Justin if they count for 07

    After coming to this site i get confused on whether or not tim actually produced some of these jams. Ice box is one, danja probably did wonder woman etc.Either way, his whole camp wrecked this year!

  3. Happy New Year Josh!!!! =)

    My top 5

    - Give It To Me
    - Boardmeeting
    - Bombay
    - Make Me Better (Fab & Ne-Yo)
    - Put It Down (Redman)

    Fabio Farraj

  4. Ps. Wonderwoman is not Timbo,
    is Danja! =P


  5. there's an unreleased track by DOE produced by tim is called "Rollin" which is crazy, another DOE song called Bottom to the Top, wonder woman was cool, make me better, and hit u wit no delay

  6. p.s. i'm lookin forward to Attitude's mixtape

  7. Rollin was from like 2003 (but yeah a crazy track), and Bottom To The Top was produced by Symphony or someone like that. Wonder woman was sick (and got a LOT of plays from me) but was Danja... but to be honest I would share the top 5 with danja anyway since hes been half responsible for 2007s reign of timbaland.

    I reckon the Spitfyre song, as ridiculously hot as it is, its old, like at least a year/2 years.... but since it got leaked during 07 it doesnt matter to this list, but its just a personal theory

  8. All of these may not be songs but here are my top 5 Tim joints in 07

    1. The beat he made for Chris Brown at the VMA's

    2. Fabolous - Make Me Better

    3. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

    4. One Republic - Apologize Remix

    5. Justin Timberlake - I Think She Knows Interlude

  9. Alright... I think I'm ready to make my list:

    5 - Timbaland "Hello"
    4 - Lil Eazy-E "I Got That"
    3 - 50 Cent "Ayo Technology"
    2 - Duran Duran "Zoom In"
    1 - Timbaland "Apologize"

  10. In no particular order

    Give it to me(Laff at em remix)
    Nite Runner
    Hit u wit no delay
    Make Me Better

    Also that he made for Chris Brown for the VMA's.

  11. Timbo (w/ Danja)
    say it right
    anonymous (bobby v)
    what goes around
    ay technolgy
    the way i are

  12. 1 Redman - Put it Down

    O-M-G when I heard this I went crazy. I was bouncing like madd behind my pc and been banging it on my ipod eversince. There isn't a day that comes by that I dont listen to this track.

    2 Timbaland Missy Dre - Bounce

    Same thing with Bounce. Went crazy and banging it on my ipod, not as much as Put it Down though.

    3 Jay vega - She is running game

    Not positive if this is Timbo but sounds a lot like him. Hot banger!

    4 Beyonce Fabolous - Get me Bodied (Timbaland Remix)

    Krazy track although i don't think beyonce fits it, love fab's part though.

    5 50 - Ayo Technology

    Not a lot to say about this. Loved the way Tim switched the chorus up. First time i heard it i had cold chill on my back :P.

  13. I don't understand any of the love for Make Me Better, which was by far one of the *worst* Tim tracks of the year. Annoying hook and vocal from Ne-Yo, mediocre rap from Fab and lazy beat from Tim.

  14. Nelly Furtado - Glow
    Justin Timberlake - Losing My Way
    Timbaland - Kill Yourself
    Timbaland - Laff At Em'
    Timbaland - Hello

  15. you know, what i find funny.
    is the Nelly Furtado song called "Glow" which i think should be released has an amzing truck beat to it. and the bass line is exactly done the same on Justin's "Chop Me Up" when the mafia start rapping on it..
    peep it.


  16. There is a DOE track called "Gangsta Roll", thats my fav. Has the best hook created in years, and Doe's flow is sick.

    2.Hello with Keri Hilson
    3.Nelly Furtado - Wait for you
    4.Petey Pablo - Stick Up man (not released yet)
    5.Chop me Up with Justin,

  17. **Timbaland f/ Keri Hilson - Hello**
    OH HELL YES!! Someone finally mentioned this super-duper-banger of a track!
    Once I picked up the UK version of Shock Value and came round to this track, I was like
    "WTF? Why is everyone hyping up the rest of the album, but not this?!"
    Alas, seeing as it was a bonus cut in the US Deluxe Version, many never heard this.
    I play this every DAY. Keri kills the centre of the tune.
    "I got places to go and a whole lotta things to see".

    So happy you posted this on your Timbo tunes of the year J Boogie! No-one ever comments on it! (Been hoping for an instrumental for a while too...)

    Loved the "Give it to Me" Remix too, BTW...

  18. My Top 5

    1.Cheri Dennis/Act like you Know
    2.Oh Timbaland
    5.Ashlee/Outta My Head


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