Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries #4: What's wrong with this picture?

At first glance you see the "produced by Timbaland" so what's the big deal right? Well as you continue reading you see "Remixed and Reproduced by..." Reproduced? What the heck does that mean? And who are those 4 that did this "reproducing"? Who knows.

BUT here comes the good part: The album says "Can U Get Wit It" Remix and those who remixed it are listed.....but so is Timbaland. So where is the version of Jodeci's "Can U Get Wit It" that Timbaland produced? There lies the mystery...

Can you solve it? (and send me the track when you do)

Shouts to Roderick who knew this info like 10 years ago ha!


  1. anyone got a copy of this track and the extended remix version? i seem to have lost this

    im sure the original version was produced or co-produced by Timbaland too.

    This is back in the day timbo for sure and i think he did as much work as DeVante on this track.

  2. are we talking about the Usher track???

  3. ^You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I think that may be the key to solving the mystery :)

  4. Its funny how the remix don't sound nothing like the original Usher track, but sometimes that’s what happens :P

    Usher - Can U Get Wit It instrumental


    Timbaland & Magoo f. Devante - Can U Get Wit It (Remix)

  5. Those fella listed on the Reproduction worked with Jennifer Lopez on her "J.Lo" album... I believe the tracks were "Carino" & "Si Ya Se Acabo" (off the top of my head)


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