Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Danja & Simple Plan "The End"

I'll be the first to admit I'm lagging on my Danja digging but I'm trying to make up for it lately. With that said, so far from Simple Plan and Danja we have the single and video for "When I'm Gone." That means we still have two more tracks yet to be heard according to Simple Plan's official Bio:

****A high regard for recent work by Justin Timberlake and fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado led the group to Danja, a young producer on the rise who had been thriving under Timbaland's wing for many years -- and who, coincidentally, had also targeted Simple Plan as one of the groups he wanted to work with as he expanded into the rock realm. So in April of 2007, Bouvier and Comeau found themselves in Miami -- foreign territory that started to feel right in short order when they came up with an initial pair of songs, including "The End."

Bouvier recalls that after that first session, "we were like, 'Oh, shit, we've got something really fresh here! We got stuff going on! This is what we've been looking for." The excitement and enthusiasm they felt was so strong it gave the band its second wind.

.....Another trip to Miami soon followed, and Lanni was asked to tag along. That second session with Danja yielded "When I'm Gone" and "Generation," two of the most innovative tracks on the album. The duo solidified the rest of the band's support by taking the Danja tracks back to Montreal.

"We were a little surprised at first," remembers guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre, "but it was OK. I think we felt like we were adding a lot of new elements to our sound, which makes it more than just the typical rock band. I think it really inspired us all, and we came up with some groundbreaking stuff on this album."*****

Well make that one left go as the group recently added a snippet of their Danja produced track "The End" on their myspace page.

Danja does a great job of complimenting a band by keeping true to their sound but yet sprinkling all the little Danjaisms throughout. Your thoughts?


  1. Once again, he makes Simple Plan tolerable for a while, which is a large accomplishment.

  2. I like the Danja part... we'll have to see about "Generation". Hoping it's good, though.

  3. Like it. It also reminds me a little on the Timbo/FalloutBoy track "one & only"..

  4. HEY!!!
    one thing! nothing with music to do but still timbo... H&M's Fashion against AIDS.... Check it out cause timbo desinged a t-shirt =D

  5. Pretty sure that was already here a while back... but the shirts are coming out soon I'm so getting one :D

  6. Thats a longer version.


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