Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Unofficial Shock Value Videos

Along with the 3 official video for Tim's Shock Value there are 2 others that despite not being official, are still worth taking a look at. The first one is for One Republic's "Apologize":

The 2nd one is Amar's "Bombay."

Timbaland F/ Amar "Bombay" Video

With the choice for the 3rd single off Shock Value coming up and with a lot of positive response from fans to both of these tracks and the good response from the artists themselves to these videos, you just never know what will be chosen.


  1. Some people have posted up the Apologize video with the Timbaland version synced instead, as well as the original track posted here.... Just wanna say :)

  2. Isnt this the official video for the orgiginal apologize?

  3. Apologize is a cool video, al encourage the produce to continue his ggod work, he might be the Dr.Dre or Timmy in music video production. lol.

  4. God, the sibilance on the singer's voice is unbearable.

  5. apologize...i love the song


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