Sunday, July 15, 2007

Duran Duran "Skin Divers" Live

We were able to give you the live version of Duran Duran's "Night Runner" and now we have their other Timbaland track called "Skin Divers." This track is also a live version but again it gives us at least a premisd of what vibe Tim was going for with these tracks. Check it out:

Duran Duran "Skin Divers" produced by Timbaland

Sounds very similar to "Night Runner" to me but I'm sure the two can be better distinguishable when the HQ versions come out. I have to say though this 80s vibe really seems to suit Duran Duran, maybe I'm stuck with their "Hungry Like a Wolf" sound since I was an 80s kid.

Jimmy D on the engineering boards for these Duran Duran sessions as well.


  1. Go 'head on Timbo. That man's got that musical range. The first single was chill...but I'm feelin this one this one Boogie. Besides, I'm a big fan of 80's music...and this song definitely has that feel 2 it.

    Good lookin out on the find.

  2. Nice shit Tim...i cant wait for HQ but he may make Duran Duran a #1 pop artist in the U.S. again...

  3. Hot song.

    The sound really compliments Duran Duran. Looking forward to album/HQ tracks. I like what I'm hearing from Night Runner as well. Thanks for this.

  4. this definitly gonna be a hot #1 Track..

  5. Scorching!

    Lovin that updated 80's vibe.
    Diggin the groove on night runner too

  6. that was a super hot track.I had some doubts when I first herd about the duran duran timbo colaboration, but now I'm sure that tim is going to bring these legends back to the status they once had!can't wait...

  7. Hot hot track. Sounded bloody fantastic at the listening event.
    Tim also produced another track on Duran's new album called - Zoomin In.
    Want to get my paws on that.

  8. I want this HQ NOW.

    This shit is smokin! Cool on Duran Duran for hooking up with Tim, they blend smoothly.

  9. This sounds alright. I much prefer "Night runner" though.

  10. HOT track.
    Timb does it again and Duran sound fantastic. Bring it on

  11. Good tracks.
    I listened to the other tracks on YouBoob and they sound promising. Cool to see the Durans keeping it modern.

  12. I linked this on my Timba forum
    Getting buzz baby.

    Diggin the whole dark dirty dance vibe with the pop legends...good find.


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