Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Timbaland "Diss"?

Listen to Glasses Malone last verse on the 1st single off "Recordkingz - Heavyweight" (ABB Records, release Aug 28). "...give a fuck who did the track, fuck a Timbaland loop...". For those who don't know who he is: Watts' native Glasses Malone was signed like 2-3 years ago to SonyBMG, recently he moved over to Hoo Bangin Records/Cash Money Records.

Recordkingz - Da Money (feat. Glasses Malone)

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London’s Juliano "Recordkingz" Baker

Back to the topic: I spoke to G. Malone and basically all he is sayin is that rappers and fans alike pay to much attention to the producers of the song and not the rappers. Plus he is a big Timbo fan as well. I defintely agree. If you not affiliated with a top notch producer, a very famous artist, people give a fuck about who you are. I also catch myself not paying enough attention to upcoming rappers, if they don't have a beat from producer XY. But that's wrong, people are spoiled and most producers are overrated anyway (especially when it comes to prizes for the beats). So what u think about that statement?


  1. That don't seem like a diss. It's more of a mention that he doesn't need a Timbo track to sell records. *shrug*

  2. The music industry is all about what's going to sell but instead of that being based on the talent of the artist it's moved towards the talent of the producer. Even established artists often rely on the name of a big time producer to help them sell records.

    Perfect example: Redman

    He went with a Timbo produced 1st since Tim was hot and the single didn't really do much and where is Red now? Does he have a 2nd single out? Is he selling anything? And Redman is a very established and talented MC.

    The music industry is a tough place to be nowadays and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

  3. "The music industry is a tough place to be nowadays and I don't see it changing anytime soon." VERY TRUE BOOGIE... now as a rapper and producer I often find myself in the same position. its like if you produce a track for a "nobody rapper" they dont care..and if you rap over a "nobody producer's" beat they dont care. so these days trying to do both just makes you seem like twice the nobody.. the game has changed a lot and a lot of up and comming rappers and producers dont realize. years ago it was all about the underdog. you can be dead broke and never sold a record before and a label can hear you and the next year you selling 400,000 copies. so now during the "coroprate rap era" there are so many talented artists out there the labels are looking for who is working the hardest and who they dont have to invest that much time and money in. if you are on the street and the internet selling 50,000 copies on your own, the labels are like "ohhhh some quick money"...lets sign him. its funny how they sell your music no matter how bad it is for the masses and who it hurts as long as they get that quick cash from us... lol and stupid ass rappers say "I GOT THAT CRACK MUSIC".... lol you sure do dumbasses.. anyway the point im trying to make is you DONT need a timbaland track, or a Jay-z feature on your songs, you just need the balls and the smarts to know how to invest your time and money to raise "yourself" to that level that the fans NEEEEED you. statements like "Fuck a timbaland loop" dont need to be said if you understand the game. its not timbos fault for being on top, but right now the guys in the suits made it to where we rappers and producers are fighting for thier spots. so every up-and-comer is screaming "Will you stop listening to him and listen to me!!"....

    so if your reading this and your one of the guys trying to get in the game. get off ya ass and MAKE them listen to you. dont complain that "Hip hip is dead, thats why im not signed". Hip hop is only remodelled so either learn the business and adapt, or forever hold your peace. we KNOW Jay and 50 dont NEED timbo or dre to make them big because they established themselves as the best and the hardest workers way before working with those guys. heres a riddle for you to take with you on all your journeys to the top.... whats the difference between Glasses Malone and Jay-z... once you figure out the answer your ready to do whatever JAY did to stay away from statements like "fuck a timbaland loop" and to get closer to the statement..."200 milli in cash, 35 milli in stock".....good luck everyone.


  4. Nice lyrics cmin' 4rm Muzz. Well nway, i feel that its tym fo the producers to be recognisd bcos it very long ago when i was a lad, the grown ups that boogie to ma$e, diddy, B.I.G & other hot shot artist @ the tym whurr vrry much celebrated fo about evrrythin but no one knoew who produced them bcos they whernt appearin on videos or interviewa. Then the yrs pass & ppl where began to see dr. dre being featurd on tracc & known fo producin' it as well. Wyclef, Timmy & some others hve to come out as well to be featured untill recently where they almost not need to be seen on a music video, they let the artist do it fo them of they do appear in a video, all they do is juss to either dance, bob their heads or lip sing the artist lyrics and u find ppl on the internet searchin fo the guy dancin beside Justin or Snoop or Bubba Sparxxx is. The point am tryin' to bring out of all the whole pile of story is that, producers deserve the attention bcos they are the ones who MAKE tha artist who they r. Imagine fat Joe wivout "Lean Bacc or Make It Rain", Jay-z wivout "Hay Papi!, Encore, Show me wot u got" or Snoop wivout "Whats my name Part 1&2, drop it like its hot, thats that s**t, Vato". All those traccs r like the anthems that boosted their familiarity but its with extra hard work of the produces either popular or novice. So if i was an artist goin into the industry, do like Muzz said "Work ur ass off & make them listen to u" by findin the right producer is the key & only way

  5. Ps. It is i "$tar$heg$" that is anonymous

  6. "Wowww......

    first off, I love Tim's shit.....

    Muzz, I am signed to Hoo Bangin'/Cash Money Records. I work hard ass shit. and the only difference between me and Jay is 10 years of age, and round 300 mil! LOL.......I plan to see both! I'm am very respected musically out west.. So I'm not in a fight to be heard!

    that line was just metaphorically saying I'm fresh regardless of who produced the record! appreciate my creativity people..... People thought to deep into it! grab my album "Beach Cruiser" when it drops and chec my myspace out...

    Glasses Malone


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