Saturday, July 14, 2007

M.I.A "Come Around" Remix

I'm pretty sure we have posted the tracklisting before but just in case here it is again for MIA's Kala in stores August 21:

1. Bamboo Banga
2. BirdFlu
3. Boyz
4. Jimmy (Produced by Timbaland)
5. Hussel F/ Afrikan Boy
6. Mango Pickle Down River F/ The Wilcannia Mob
7. 20 Dollar
8. World Town
9. The Turn
10. XR2
11. Paper Planes
12. Come Around (Produced by Timbaland)

Here is also the official remix of "Come Around" by DJ ELIesoc straight from M.I.A's blog:

"Come Around" DJ ElIesoc Remix

M.I.A also states that there was a 2nd verse for the track that did not make it on the final version:

"i got my mind on my money but life can be way more fun
you can put your love in a gun but thats what keeps us on the run
i dont need to blow my spot or put you on blast to sell my one
run run talk is done , come down if you wanna get some
i give them the run run run and make us dance on the dum dum dum
in a sceret museum i walk on the wildside come come come
enter the stadium see the primal queen of a new kindom
buss out on new systems i mash up things to make us one!"

From the sound of "Bird Flu" and "Boys" this is the most anticipated album of the summer for me. Big thanks to Jono my man from Japan for the info.

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  1. This album's gonna be on another level of creativity. "Bird Flu" is absolutely ridiculous.


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